Finally Something Good Happens

All I wanted was a normal summer... maybe something good would happen. I thought this summer would be different from all the others... but then again, I was wrong. With a death in my family, to being robbed, to loosing my job.. A old friend decides to stop by, pay me a visit, and make something good finally happen!


1. The Flashbacks

Amy's POV:


"Niall! Stop! Put me down!" I screamed, Niall picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and started running. "Amy, I can't stop now! If I do, your parents will kill me!" he kept running, we got closer to his house. He finally put me down "Niall, I'm gonna be so grounded!" I Yelled standing just inches away from him. "Amy, I'll take the blame, don't worry, everything will be okay" He leaned closer, and closer, our noses touched, and he kissed me. I just kissed my best friend Niall Horan.


Maggie's POV:


"Ammyyyy. Ammyyyy. Wake up Amy!" I poked her shoulder. Still sound asleep. I finished my scetch and tried once more to wake her up, "Amy" She poped up. "Yeah?" Her eyes only half way open. "Amy...Were you having another flashback?" "Yeah, it was the one when Niall first kissed me" She said tearing up. "Thats your most commen one..Amy, you need to go see a doctor!" "I DONT NEED A DOCTOR" She screamed, and left the building.


Amy's POV:


I walked outside. I was tired of everyone telling me the same thing. Ever since I moved to the U.S from Mullingar, things have been horrible. My family had to move here because my dads job. I've been in New York City since I was 15. Now I'm 18, and I live on my own, I moved out as soon as I turned 18, I got a job as a fashion designer when I was 16, Well, I was an assistant, but I had to start saving as soon as possible. Everyday since we moved here, I've written a letter to Niall. He's replied to every single one of them, he's acctually coming to NYC next month, as kids he always talked about wanting to be a famous singer, and he did. He's in the band One Direction, and his voice is still amazing  as ever. I grabbed a coffee and headed tward my apartment, it was a few blocks away, so I decided to just walk home. *But Now I Can't Come To The Phone* I checked my phone, the caller ID read "Nialler(:" I anwsered. "AMY!" "Hey Nialler" I started grinning like an idiot. "Amy, it turns out were coming to NYC this week! I'll stop by your apartment! I love you with all my heart Amy Boo!" "I Love You Too Nialler, Bye!" Right before I hung up I heard 4 voices saying things like "Amy Boo" "Niall And Amy" "Namy! So cute!"

I got to my apartment, but the door was unlocked, I walked in slowly, examining everything closely. Last weeek someone broke in, and stole about $500 dollars, and around $2500 worth of jewlery. I walked into my bedroom and Niall Horan was laying down, on his phone. "Hope ya dont mind, I kinda helped myself" He said still looking at his phone. He looked up, and ran at me, he wrapped his arms around me "Is this the same Amy I was best friends with for 12 years? The same Amy that I wrote a song to?" "Yeah, Is this the same Niall that kissed me, then told everyone that i was madly in love with you?" I said, remembering that day, The flashback started.


Okay, I have to say, this is way different than writting a fanfic on instagram. My first chapter, Hope you enjoyed! Leave comments, Like,favorite it, It'll mean the world to me! (:

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