Finally Something Good Happens

All I wanted was a normal summer... maybe something good would happen. I thought this summer would be different from all the others... but then again, I was wrong. With a death in my family, to being robbed, to loosing my job.. A old friend decides to stop by, pay me a visit, and make something good finally happen!


2. Another Kiss

Amy's POV:


I fell to the ground. That flashback has been the stongest, brought back the most memories. "Amy..Are you alright?" Niall bent down where his face was level to mine. "Niall..Ever since we moved here..I have flashbacks of when I was in Mullingar, the things that happened" I bit my tounge, trying to hold back the tears, it didnt work. I sobbed, and Niall picked me up bridal style. "Amy, my princess doesnt need to be crying, please stop, youre making me sad!" I grinned. It slowed the crying down, somehow Niall always knew what to say, he could always cheer me up, no matter what was going on. He layed me on my bed and layed next to be. "Amy..I love you. Youre the best thing thats ever happened to me, youre my best friend. Youve always been, and that means alot to me am's. When you moved here, I cried every night. I couldnt stand it, I know right before you left I was being a jerk, but, I never stopped loving you" He Looked as if he was about to cry, but he didnt. He did the opposite, he grinned ear to ear, leaned down, and started kissing me. Kissing me, AGAIN. I wanted to pull away, but I couldnt, he was laying on top of me now, he kept kissing him, I didnt care if he was my best friend, Im kissing him.

"WOAH! Something hot is going on in here boys, come get a looksy" Niall Pulled away and I saw Liam standing in my doorway. I pushed Niall off and ran to Liam. "Li! Ive missed you so much!" I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. "Am's, Ive missed you too" I pulled back a bit and looked Liam in the eyes. I started having a crush on him when I first met him, I mean, hes just so sweet. "Liam, I havent seen you in forever it feels like!" I finally got down on my own two feet. "Well, uh, Amy, you wanna hang out?" Liam asked me rubbing the back of his neck. "Of course! Let me go get my jacket"


Liam's POV:


I waited for Amy to come to the door. Last year when we visited, I developed a crush on her, whats not to love about her? Her strawberry blonde hair, with those big green eyes, and her slight Irish accent mixed with her American. "Ready Li?" She asked. "Yeah! Lets Go!" I grabbed her hand and she looked up and her cheeks turned red, maybe she likes me too. I kissed her nose and started walking down the block, hand in hand.

"Liam, do you and Niall bond alot?" She asked, I was shocked. I know Niall loves her, but he always says as a best friend, Im starting to wonder if its something else though. "Yeah, Why?" "Well, you are my two best guys. I want them to be really good friends. Even if something happens" I Looked down at her and raised my eyebrow. "Something happens?" Hmm...


Harry's POV:


"Niall, are you ever worried that someone is going to harm Amy?" I asked. "Yeah, all the time Haz" He looked down and started playing with his fingers. I know how much he cares about her, I just dont want something to happen, because if something does, it will ruin Niall.


Authors Note*

Okay, so I wanted to start something, get something to happen, so I did. I hope you guys enjoy! Comment, Like, Favorite, Do whatever, thanks guys! 

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