Darkness of the Day

You don't mess around with the CC--the Creature Civilization. They are the Supernatural Law.
One vampire, however, doesn't like the way they control everything. She doesn't like how the cannibals can attack anyone they wish. How the zombies can eat you without being punished. How the wolves can sacrifice anyone they want to be changed into one of them. How the Minotaurs can enforce the law as brutally as they wish.
Mostly, how the vamps are the bottom of the food chain.
Determined to change the law, Ashlee sets out with her werewolf cousin Nathan.
What they didn't plan for was the world that had been completely changed.


1. Satin Fangs


The mirror was perfectly placed in the middle of the room. Coated in whispers of cobwebs, it was dirty and mulled by age. The once white borders had rusted into a mess of brown metal.

   My breathing hitched, I slowly paced towards the lonesome piece of furniture. Cold air hissed around my ankles. Ghost fingers flicked the ends of my fringe slightly. My eyes darted around the room as I stalked closer to the mirror. The only source of light in the small room was from a square window near the ceiling but it was dirty and barely let any light through.

   Eyes closing, I inhaled the action longer than it needed to be. Scents rushed up my improved nose, whirling in my brain like streaks of neon lights. I struggled to decipher the different smells but eventually picked out two defined ones. Damp oak and...I retched. The smell of rotting corpses. It wasn’t overwhelming but it was still enough to make my head swim with vertigo.  

   I winced as I felt my fangs press long and hard against my gums. They were going to come out any moment now. Taking a deep breath, I managed to relieve myself of the pressure, just a little bit. My back curved into a predator crouch as I neared the mirror. My pale hand stretched out and touched the cool, dirt smeared glass. I quivered as the mirror’s icy atmosphere gripped my heart.

   “Nah, nah, your doing it all wrong, Ashlee.”

   I flipped sideways, landing with one leg stretched out and one bent. I hissed, my fangs finally springing free from my gums. I felt them rest upon my lips as I snarled at Nathan, who was leaning against the door. His neck cricked sideways as he strolled over to me. Taking out a narrow spear from his belt, he launched his arm back and threw the weapon straight at the mirror. All that could be heard as the spear whistled through the air was my high shrieking. I threw myself at Nathan. He was just turning to face me as I knocked us both to the floor. He snapped at me, his shiny teeth aiming for my face whilst my fangs went straight for the vein pulsing in his pale neck.

   The shattering of glass behind us made Nathan pause. It made him turn. It made him reveal his neck.

   My fangs drove straight through his white skin like it was merely paper. He squawked, grabbing my hips in a feverish attempt to push me off of him. I automatically turned to stone. I’d worked for three years to get into this room. Three years. You’d think he’d have a little more consideration instead of throwing a spear through the thing that could hold the key to the end of the Creature Civilization.

   Blood streamed from his open veins, disappearing quickly down my throat. My nails dug into his arms as I pinned him down, sucking hard on his neck to try and drain him of his warm, creamy blood. I moaned against his skin desperately.


   My back smashed against the wall, painfully letting loose a crack. I yelled, my arms stretching forward. My vision blurred slightly but came into focus just as Nathan exploded. His shoulders hunched forwards and he fell to his hands and knees. His body grew outwards, getting bigger without showing any sign of slowing. Midnight fur flowed from his skin, covering his entire form in black hairs. His nose and mouth stretched forwards, his peach lips dying themselves black. Long fangs erupted from his top jaw and almost touched his chin.

   The huge wolf snarled at me, the wide yellow eyes scowling. I leapt to my feet, slipping into a crouch. Without my consent, my lips peeled back and I bared my teeth. The wolf slammed his huge black paw onto the broken floorboards. The wood caved in under that foot, making him scramble backwards. Nathan howled, the sound deep and soulful. It was beautiful, a creation from the creature of the night.

   My nails curled into the floorboards, hacking deep cuts into the weak timber. I threw my head back and yelped. My tongue pressed up against the inside of my top lip, running smoothly over my teeth. I carefully avoided the two sharp canines which I knew were dripping with numbing venom.

   Suddenly, a strange feeling came over me.

   I slowly straightened, my hands relaxing and falling limply to my sides. I smirked, licking my lips slowly. Nathan cocked his head to the side. His yellow eyes grew confused and slightly intrigued. I took a dainty step forward. My eyes, now half-lidded, gazed at Nathan. A high pitched whine escaped from his throat. He stepped backwards, his hind legs knocking into the door frame. I could easily see the two puncture wounds that I had inflicted on him, dripping with bright red liquid on his neck.

   “Its okay, Nathan,” I whispered. My raven fringe fell onto my eyes, creating a shutter-illusion. “We’re good.”

   It was clear that Nathan was seeing through my weak performance. His eyes narrowed and his lips dragged back, revealing rows of shiny pointed teeth. Nathan jumped forward slightly, testing out his boundaries. I didn’t flinch. I leant towards him, opening my eyes fully. I could see my multi-coloured irises and my snake pupils reflected in his golden orbs. He snapped at my face but I didn’t react.

   A hand grabbed the scruff of Nathan’s neck. He was yanked backwards by Darks, who stood beside me grinning. The blonde teenager wrapped an arm around my waist, hugging me close to his body. The vanilla scent of his natural odour burnt my superior nostrils. I coughed out discreetly. He must have felt me tense up but he didn’t look at me.

   The recovering wolf shrunk back into a shivering human. Still whining, the animal disappeared, leaving behind a pathetic sixteen year old. He curled into himself on the floor, mumbling about unfairness and cruelty. I laughed, running a hand through my hair.

   Darks released me and clapped twice. The room around us glowed blue and grid lines flashed along the walls. Soon, we were standing in nothing more than a green room. My fangs retracted back into my gums as I inhaled Darks’ sweet smell. I cuddled closer to him, trying not to seem too clingy.

    “That was really good, Ashlee!” Darks looked at me with great approval. If I’d been able to, I would have blushed. But my cheeks remained the same icy parlour.

   “Thanks,” I said. I’d never been good at accepting compliments—yet I’d always taken criticism to heart really badly.

   Darks placed his hand on his cheek. He eyed me with a grey gaze. “You know, I think that was your best performance yet.”

   I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, but its not exactly a performance, is it, Darks? I mean, it is, but that is what’s happening out there.” I gestured with a casual arm.

   He sighed. “True. At least you’re considered part of the CC because you’re a vampire. A superior race. And old Chuck over there—because he’s a wolf.”

   “Speak of the devil.”

   Nathan sauntered over, clutching a sheet of cloth to his neck. He smiled at me lopsidedly.

   “That was one hell of a bite, Ashlee. Feel like I'm turning already.”

   “You can’t, stupid.” I rolled my eyes at my cousin. Truthfully, I could have bit a little less harshly but it felt like payback. Besides—I was hungry.

   Nathan raised an eyebrow cockily. “And how do you know that for certain?” He put on a mocking face. “No! Keep the garlic bread away!”

   I kicked out, catching him straight in the gut. All the air whooshed from his lungs as he bent over, trying to stifle the pain. I sniggered as he toppled to the ground.

   I knelt down beside him, bouncing lightly on my heels. “Because, your little wolf cells fight off my venom—just like my vamp cells fight off stray dog rabies that might be floating around my body.”

   All I got in return was a smug feeling; Nathan’s crumpled up face and a slight moan. I was content with that.

   My hand met Darks’ in a high five as I passed him. I heard him chuckle. I waved to Kev who was manning the camera. He turned the entire way round so he could wave back. I saw his half eaten body—his intestines spilling out the hole in his stomach. Half of his face had been stolen. An entire eyeball showed itself as well as two halves of two rows of teeth. Red stained his face vividly. He was a strange looking guy but hey—he was a great cameraman so who was I to judge?

   Warm, musky air met me as I escaped the cold building. I shrugged my hood up and tugged it tightly around my face. I didn’t want anyone to see me. Hurrying, I darted around the corner. The tight alley was unfortunately busy today. Home to a whole pack of cannibals and a flock of vamps, it wasn’t the most pleasant place to pass. But I had to if I wanted home.

   Thomas, the father of the cannibal family, snarled at me, his jaws opening and shutting listlessly as his wife, Atta, dug into a handful of gooey pink stuff. Jake, their son, groaned. One of his maggoty hands had been shackled to the stone wall and no one seemed capable of letting him free. I rolled my eyes. Honestly, cannibals were so useless during the day. They seemed to share their energy with the zombies. The zombies ran around during daylight, attacking any stray passer that was still even the slightest bit human. Then, at night, they just dropped down where they were and slept until the sun reappeared. The cannibals, however, moaned during the day and just lay around, groaning and being lazy. The moon proved to be their life source. Once the moon was up, you got away from them sharpish. They had a tendency to claw your brains out first, slowly, eating around the nerves and vital parts so that you were still slightly alive when they ate your body.

   “Hurry up,” Kelly, the vampire teenager, whined at me. “We haven’t got all day.”

   “Don’t speak to your Elder’s like that, Kelly!” The tone I recognised as Magi’s bit from the darkness of the alley.

   I held up a hand in greeting. “Hey Mrs Turnesk.”

   “Hello, dear.”

   Doesn’t matter what you say about vamps, they really are pretty nice. They are the most misunderstood of the CC. They just seem to come across as weak and undeserving. Pitiful, considering they are in the Second Circle. Second Circle meaning that they are almost at the core of the Creature Civilization.

   I dug my nails into the wall and hauled myself up. I heard Kelly mumbling at her mother—hunger I think she was complaining about—as I scaled the wall. I didn’t even have to concentrate. I was thinking about how Nathan’s blood had felt going into me. It had felt like caressing hands, feather fingers—I yanked myself over the edge of the building. On the roof, I got the full pelt of the daily wind. I blew out, inhaling icy air.

   The sandy desert went on for miles. The yellow-white sand almost shielded fallen buildings from view but not quite—corners poked out, mere pieces of crumbling bricks. I saw the metal leftovers of things called ‘cars’ that we’d apparently used hundreds of years ago. We had no need for that kind of transport anymore. We had speed. The entire human race was gone, taken over by the CC and its followers.

   My hands rubbed up and down my arms as I dug up the weak memories of my human life. It was thickly veiled, like something I didn’t want to see but had too. I’d only been eleven when they’d changed me. I still had no idea why they decided to save me and I imagined I never would know—I was just glad they did.


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