Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


2. Wait. What.??

That’s when I realized the girl was wearing a blue dress. I remember seeing that on someone. You got to be kidding me. A tear fell down my face. I couldn’t believe it. I walked closer and closer to them. I could see them a little bit clearly now. I realized that Abby’s legs were wrapped around Ryan. He was pressed up against her. They couldn’t stop kissing. “Ry…Ryan.” I stumbled to get the words out. “What are you doing.?” I say more clearer. He pulled away at that second. He looked right towards the floor. “You know what. I shouldn’t even ask.” I turned around, wiped away the tear and walked away. I was pulled back a few seconds later. “Where do you think your going.?” Abby says. “Let go.!” I say trying to get Abby’s hand off my arm. “Priscila don’t even think about telling Niall” “First of all Abby, What the **** is you problem.? Why are you messing with Niall’s feelings.!?” “I never Liked him.!” “Then why are you getting married “I only wanted his money and fame… “She says. “That’s ********..! Now he has all the rights to know.!.. Ohh and if want my boyfriend then you can have him.” I say. “What.!?” Ryan says walking to stand next to Abby. “Ryan. don’t even bother… Ohh hold up. I forgot something.” That’s when I slapped Abby. And she fell right towards the floor. Ryan helped her up. I turned around and walked away. I finally reached the restaurant. No one was there, but Niall who was sitting on the stairs. “Hey, Priscila have you seen Abby.?” he says getting up. “Niall. Listen to me… You can not marry her.” “Why not.?” “Because she cheated on you.” “What are you talking about. She will never do that.” “Niall, she cheated on you with my own Boyfriend ” “Priscila, very funny.” “I’m not playing, why would I lie about that.?” “Priscila really stop playing.” “Don’t you understand Niall, she never really did love you.!!” “No.. Priscila stop. I’m not kidding. She would never do that.” “Please Niall you cant marry her tomorrow.” A tear ran down my cheek. I didn’t want to tell this to Niall. But it was the best thing I could do. I just want him to be happy. And if he marries Abby, that will never happen. That’s when all of a sudden Abby comes running to stand right next to Niall with her eyes all watery. “Babe she slapped me.!” “Ohh great. You got to be a ***** right.!” I say. “Priscila.!! Why are you being mean to her.!? And why did you hit her.!?!!” “Because she was kissing my boyfriend.!” “No I wasn’t why would I do that when I have my fiancé right here.” she smiles trying to hide all her lies. Niall slowly wiped away her tears off her cheeks and below her eyes. Her make-up was all ruined now. “Niall you’re joking right.!?” “What.?” “Are you going to believe that liar you call girlfriend or your best friend that you’ve known longer and has always been there for you.. In the better or worse times of your life.. I was there all this time.. When she never was.!” It became silent.. I was waiting for his answer that never seemed to have come…

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