Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


4. This Is The Message

I laid there in tears. Niall kept knocking. “Niall stop.! I’m not going to open the door. So you can just leave.!” “But, Priscila please, we need to talk.” “No.!1 You should’ve thought of that before.” There was no answer. But he kept on knocking. I couldn’t stay here. I grabbed my purse and walked towards the balcony. I looked down. Ooo. That’s far up. I should have stayed on the first floor. Ughh. I laid my hands on the fence thing and got my leg up and sat on it. How am I going to do this. Niall’s POV I gave up and just sat on the floor beside her door. Why wouldn’t she open I had to talk to her. We need to clear things out. I cant have her hating me. And I need her with me tomorrow at me wedding….. I blanked out. I thought of all the things we had gone through together. Ohh. I got up and walked towards me room. I had left Abby in the living room. I couldn’t have her here with me, Especially if I was going to talk to Priscila. Priscila would have ended up slapping her again. Anyways. I walked over to the cabinet next to me bed. I searched for the key. I remembered I had a key to open Priscila’s door. Last year she had locked herself out of her own room and I hade to climb up her balcony which luckily open. So after that happened she decided to give me one of her keys just in case she locked herself out again. Yes.! I didn’t lose it. I grabbed it and walked back towards he door. Thank you.! I opened it and walked in. “Priscila can we… “ I trailed off. I thought she was on her bed, But she wasn’t. I walked around and looked for her. When I realized the balcony doors were opened. I stepped outside. The wind was blowing which made the curtains slap me face. I ignored it. Well I deserved it anyway. “Priscila.!! I yelled. I ran towards her, grabbed her waist and pulled her back. “Niall let go.!” She said. “What were you doing.!?” “Nothing… I just wanted to leave.” “Leave.!! What.!! You cant leave me alone.! I need you here.! I don’t want you to be dead.!” She laughed. She fixed her hair. “ Niall I wasn’t going to jump of that thing to my death.!” “Ohh good.” I say walking over to her. I try to give her a hug but she pulled me away. “Just because I’m talking to you doesn’t mean that I’m not made.” I moved a piece of hair from her face. ”Come on. You cant stay mad at me.” I say grabbing her hand. She smiled. “I know I cant, but… I cant forgive you that’s just it. I just don’t know how you cant believe me but you will believe her.” “Again.!! Priscila don’t you understand that I just want to be happy and there maybe a small part of me that believes you.” “Well than you should believe me.! Completely. “ “I cant.. I have gone through so much that everything I choose ends up being wrong” “ See, the decision you made earlier was wrong…” I trailed off. If I’m louder, would you see me.. Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me, Cause we are the same.. Priscila POV I closed my eyes. Ugh. Wrong moment for me Ughh. I mean my phone to ring. Niall’s Irish accent is sticking with me now. My Mexican/Spanish accent is going away as well. You saved me when you leave its gone again.. I grabbed my purse and searched for my phone. I looked up once I finally got it. Niall was smiling. “Nice ring tone you got there.” he says. “Yeah. Thanks. You know I love that guy so much but sometime he can just be so disappointing.” I smile. I flipped through my phone till I realized Ivonne had sent me like 6 messages. I read all of them. But I was confused until I realized she sent me a link. I opened it and I could believe what I was seeing.

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