Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


12. Reality


Harry’s POV    “ Yes, I’m listening” I answer to the girl on the other side of the phone. “Well, earlier today someone named Max found Priscila and one of her friends umm. Niall Horan.” I cut her off “What happened?”  “Well try to calm down okay.. We got to the sire as quickly as possible and we found both Niall and Priscila trapped in this car that we now found out was Niall’s” I cut her off once again “Are they okay?” Liam kept on trying to get my attention. I guess he wanted me to tell him what was happening. “I’m afraid not” A tear fell down my face as she told me the reality. I tried to hold back the tears but I just couldn’t. I found myself sobbing as she told me more. “Priscila suffered from many injuries.. She got a piece of glass stuck in her leg that we managed to get out. A few pieces in her arms, we stitched her leg from the cuts.  The seatbelt that protected her unfortunately scratched , and we found some of her bones misplaced probably because of the pressure and weight on them so we had to do surgery. And Niall didn’t get as much injures. He hit his head against either the window or steering wheel, causing him to black out and he might forget some things but besides that he’s okay” I kept sobbing. I was on the couch now. Liam was patting me on my back trying to calm me down. I asked a final question.” When can I go see my … girlfriend.. And my best friend.” “You can come anytime you want to come and see Niall but we are keeping Priscila under surveillance. . So we’ll tell you when you can see her” “Thanks” “Your welcome. Bye” “Bye” I hung up the phone and dropped it on the couch.” what happened Harry?” Liam asked. I wiped my rears and explained everything.   Niall’s POV   “Ahh.!” That was the last thing I said before blacking out. I totally thought I was dead me head hurt so bad. I slowly opened me eyes. The bright light hurt me, so I quickly closed them shut. I opened them again now feeling better. I look around. “Where am I?” I ask me self.  The door opened. I+- turn to see who walked in “Ohh hello Mr. Horan how do you feel” I sighed putting my hand on me head. ”Me head hurts like hell, that’s all really’’  The doctor wrote something on a sheet of paper at the end of me bed. She walked over to me and took out a flashlight ”Okay, follow the direction of the light, will you Niall” I nodded  “Nothing seems wrong” she wrote more things down and when she was done. She pulled a chair and sat next to me. “Okay, Niall tell me something.. What was the last thing you remember?” “Well.. There was this bright light and I hit me head somewhere since me head hurts.” “That’s it?” “Yup.” “Do you remember your child hood?” “Yeah “ I said sarcastically. She looked confused. “Hmm.. Okay thanks Niall. Well someone’s here to see you.” I smiled. “Let me go get them” I nodded. I watched her walk out. And waited for Priscila to walk in. That’s who I thought was here to see me. Yes it was stupid since she was in the car with me. But I just assumed. I sat up straight. The door opened. And Harry and Liam walked in. “Hey, Niall” “What are you guys doing here?” “We came to visit you” “Where’s Priscila?” I ask “Niall.. We need to tell you something. “They walked closer to me Liam sat at the foot of the bed while Harry sat on the couch. “What is it.!?!”   Liam's POV   Me and Harry discussed about it outside. We were going to tell him but when the doctor told us that he basically remembered everything. We basically figured that he would ask for her. “Niall you and Priscila had an accident” Harry began. I looked over at Niall. He was worried you could tell. “Did anything happen to her.?” He asked. Harry he looked over at me. “Niall that car that hit car hit Priscila’s side causing the windows to break which a piece got into her leg. The seatbelt scratched her neck, and the doctors think that she will not be able to walk since her legs were badly crushed. Well not for a while anyways.” I finished speaking. Niall was now sobbing. “Its’ all my fault” he says repeatedly. “I shouldn’t have driven if I knew I was drunk” Harry got up from the couch and walked over towards Niall. “Mate, calm down okay” “No.! I can’t.. where is she?” He asks. I shrugged. But Harry knew and he answered. “She’s right down the hall around the corner in room 2391” “Have you guys seen her?” “I haven’t but Harry has.. I cant even see her” “Why.?” “Cause I’m not her boyfriend.” “So how did Harry see her. ?” Niall asks. “Uhh. . “ “Cause I had to pretend that I was her boyfriend. They still think that Ryan is dating her. Cause you guys just started dating her. “ Harry says. Niall looked upset. “Ohh. Can I se her?” “I’m Afraid not.” “Why.!” “She doesn’t look the same .. Since the last time you saw her.” “No.! I just have to.!!” And next thing you know. Niall started pulling off all the wires off his body, got off the bed and rushed out the door. Me and Harry quickly reacted. “Niall. Come back.!!” we yelled at him. “Liam go call for help” I nodded. And turned the opposite way that Harry was going. “Niall, don’t go inside.!!” I heard Harry yell from behind.    Niall's POV   2391 I repeated inside my head. 2387, 2389, 2391.. I quickly stopped running. And turned my head the direction I was coming from. I could see Harry was running towards me. Ughh. I laid my hand on my forehead. It hurt like hell. But I didn’t let it get to me. I grabbed the door knob and turned it. I looked around the place. Nothing. But there was a huge curtain in the middle of the room. I walked over towards it and quickly revealed what was behind it/. “Ohh my god no.” I fell on my knees. Sobbing. There in front of me laid no other than Priscila badly injured. Why? Because of me. I looked up still crying to see what Harry told me as true. I didn’t doubt it a single bit, but I just wanted to make sure. And he was right. On her neck you could see those scratches from the seat belt, her arms were bruised and cut from the pieces of glass. Her leg was covered in a bandage. The clothes they had put on her was pulled back to reveal a little bit of skin. Nothing happened there. There were so many wires attached to her. I looked at her beautiful face. I hadn’t realized it till now. But there was a tube attached to her mouth. Wait.!?! Is she on life support.????!!!!!????   Comment/like/favorite/ fan me./Follow me on twitter @Mrshoran_1301   thanks <3 ^.^
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