Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


13. Phone Call


Niall’s POV    “What have I done?” I say to myself. The door slowly opened. “Niall.!” I turned to face Harry. “Why didn’t you tell me this!” I yelled still crying. “Tell you what?” I looked at the floor. “Harry look at her.” Ughh. This stupid headache. “Why didn’t you tell me she wasn’t able to breath on her own. “Because you would’ve freaked out.. Exactly the way you are doing right now. “ I grabbed her hand and just cried. How could I have done this to her. It was all my fault she was lie this. I could have let her driven the car back home.   Liam’s POV   I walked around in circles in search of finding a doctor or nurse. “Hey!!” I began to run again. The doctor stopped walking and faced my direction. I ran closer to him. “How can I help you?” He asked. “My friend got out of his room.” I say. “is he a patient?” “yes.” I answer. He was startled. “where can I find your friend?” he asked now walking forward (quickly) “Umm room 2391” I answer and with that he began to run. We reached the room opened the door and found Niall on his knees crying. Harry was trying to calm him down. But it wasn’t working. “Hello, I’m docto savage can you please go back to your room son” the doctor told Niall, helping him up. “Is she going to be okay. “Niall asked.. “Yeah don’t worry about it. We got it under control” Niall laid his hand on his forehead. “Your head hurts doesn’t it.?” Niall nodded. “Come with me. I’ll give you something for that.” Both the dr. and Niall walked out the room leaving me and  Harry alone with Priscila “You never told me. She was on life support.” I say to Harry. A tear ran down his cheek. “I don’t now why I didn’t. I thin I hurt Niall more than what he already was.” I walked over to him. His hands were covering his face. “no you didn’t” I tried to calm him down. It some what worked. I looked up to see Priscila laying on her bed. Woe. I never expected to see her like this.   Ryan’s POV   I looked over at the clock 10:23 M. Ugh. I forced myself out of my bed. Abby get up. I shoo her and of course she slapped my hand. “Good Morning babe” I say. “Morning sexy” she winked. She gave me a kiss and sat up straight. “What are we doing today?” she asked. “I don’t know.” I answer. “I know” the phone rang. “Hold that thought” I walked out the room and grabbed the phone from the couch. I answered. “Hello.” “Hey Ryan how’ve you been?” I sighed it was Priscila’s Brother Kevin. “Great and you” “awesome, so have you heard anything about how she’s doing. “What do you mean?” confused. “Arent you at the hospital?” Now I was totally confused. Why would I be at the hospital? Wait did something happened to her. Now I was worried. Don’t get me wrong. I still love her. Yes I did make a mistake. I wish I was still with her. But that’s not going to happen. Unless she forgot everything and lost her memory. “Ryan. !” Kevin says. “huh” “ Arent you a the hospital.!?” “Oh no.. I cam to my apartment to take a shower and eat something.” “Okay” “But I’m going back later today. I cant stand being away from your beautiful sister.” I smile.” great.. Ohh by the way I’m going over to Ireland sometime soon.” I wanted to see if there was a chance of getting back with Priscila. “Kevin, you remember the name of the hospital right?” “Yeah, its umm.. Mount Carmel Private Hospital” I wrote it down on a piece of paper. “okay, just making sure” “bye” “bye” I hung up the phone and walked back into my room.” who was it?” “Kevin” “Priscila’s brother?” “yup.. Abby we have to go” “where?” “lets just say. We’re going to go and see an old friend” I answer  
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