Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


10. Our first kiss

Niall's POV 

I leaned in closer to her. I couldn't take it anymore. "umm..Niall what are you doing?" She asked. I opened my eyes. "Huh?" She had a confused but worried face. "Niall are you drunk?!?" 
" Why do you say that?" "Well 1st of all you smell like beet, and now so do I." she says smelling my shirt. "And you were about to kiss me.!!" "What's wrong with that.?" i ask "Your serious" "Yup." "Dude were best friends.! you cant kiss your best friend.!!" "Why not?" "Okay.. Niall tell me something will you.?" "Of course" " Do you have any feelings for me?" I sighed. Should i just tell her.? "Niall.?" "Yes, okay.. I've always had feelings for you since the first day i meet you." I looked down. "Ohh" i was expecting she would say something that i didn't want to hear. She put her hand on my chin and lifted it up. So i was starting at her again. "Okay.. I've been wanting to tell you this but i never did cause i was afraid."


I really was afraid. Every time i told somebody i liked them. They would make fun of me. Cause I actually thought i actually had a chance with them. "Afraid of what.?" "Niall i might have a tiny crush on you" his face lit up. "But Niall, i think that this is not the right moment.. I'm sorry." Yeah i could tell that he didn't like that very much "No, no you're right" "I'm sorry" "No its okay.. i guess we should get going them" "Okay" i grabbed his arm and we started walking back "Ohh, Niall here. I don't think i would need this anymore" i took off his shirt  and gave it back. "No you keep it" "Are you sure that you don't want it back?" "No.. i'm good." "Niall you're going to get sick" "And so are you if you don't put it back on. I sighed. I pulled him back . "Niall just do it for me, please" i say. He sighed "Fine" I helped him put it one and as i did my hands ran down his nice abs. ;) he was quite taller than me so i had to look up at him "You know something Niall.. you are so beautiful" I say . He blushed at my comment. And in that exact moment without thinking i grabbed his face and pulled him close for a kiss i could tell he was surprised cause he didn't react until like 2 seconds after. Woah. Is that what it feels like to kiss her. I grabbed her waist and didn't let go. For our first kiss it was just so passionate. And i liked it. At times i did want to take it to the next level and do it right here and right now. But that wasn't umm. ... Likely to happen. She pulled away.  Breathless i let her go "Wow" i say smiling "You are a very good kisser" i continued. Thanks i guess.. uhh. yeah that ruined everything" "why.?" "Cause i just said that this was'nt the right moment for anything." "Well i guess it is now" we laugh "I guess so" 

Niall's POV

"Just to be real. . i always wanted to do that." i smiled grabbing her waist. We start walking back to Nandos and i started wondering if we were staring something. "Umm love are we starting something new here?" I ask. "Maybe.. I dont know. are you feeling better about everything that's happend?" I thought  about that. I guess i can deal with it "Yeah i guess so... thank you love for being there by the way" "Are you sure?" "Of what do you say... want to go out with me??" She smiled. "Yes.. Yes.!" I smiled and gave her a hug. We already had our first kiss. But  i still gave her one. Our first kiss as a couple. We walked back to Nandos. Talking about how many things would change. We decided we wouldn't tell anyone (except the lads) about our relationship and we would not go public. Once we got back to Nandos we walked towards my car. I opened the door for her "Thanks babe" "no problem" i walked over to my side, got in and started the car "What time is it?" she asked . I pulled out my phone and handed it to her "Wow.. did we really spend that much time together" "What time is it?" "2:04 am" "i guess so" i started the car and drove off "Can i use your phone" "Of course..but why ask" " Thanks" "what happened to your phone?" "I left it in Harry's car earlier" "Ohh"


I dialed Harry's phone number. I waited. it rand 2 times before he picked up. "Hello" he says sounding kid of sleepy. "Ohh were you asleep. did i wake you?" "No.. well maybe.. yeah" i laughed. "I'm sorry" i say "Harry i have some great news.!!" Niall yells into the speaker "Oww... Hey you found him." "Yeah" "So whats the new.?" i covered the spot where you talk into. "Should we tell him?" i ask Niall "sweetheart. i already told him we had great news.. so he is going to be waiting for an answer." i nodded in agreement "Tell me what.?"  "Fine.. well me and Niall are going out now" i smiled grabbing his hand "Ohh.. that's great.! So are you guys coming already?" "Yeah" and that;s when the worst thing possible happened. I was still talking to Harry on the phone. When Niall decided to look over at me and I tried to kiss him. When a bright light cam across my face. I turned to face it. "Niall watch out.!!!" i yelled. . . . .(to be continued)...

So do you guys like it???  and no i just wanted to write to be continued cause well i dont know it made it better. haha. well thanks for reading. should i keep doing stuff like this.? keep on commenting /liking/ and make this one of your favorite stories thanks ^-^ i hope you enjoy it as much as i do. <3

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