Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


20. No, It's Nothing


It had been months since my break up with Ryan. I hadn’t really put much importance to it. And I really hadn’t remembered much of my life before the accident. But Niall has helped me with it. He takes me to the places that we’ve had gone before. I remember most of those memories but not all of them. Niall had started talking to this girl. She makes him feel happy, they even went to Madrid, Spain together. I was sick that weekend so I couldn’t go and I would’ve let him hang out with her anyway. He told me her name was Demi. He invited her over once and she was really nice and just gorgeous. She made him smile non-stop, he would always be blushing every time she was with him. I loved the fact that he finally found the girl of his dreams. But every time he mentions her name I get a little mad.. And I have no idea why! He’s my best friend I would want him to be happy. But every time I see pictures of them together on Tumblr or on twitter I just get mad.. Am I jealous or..? Nah. Its probably nothing. How can I be jealous of Niall hanging out with Demi. Wait? Am I having feelings for Niall!! No. no that’s just not possible. Nothing can never happen between me and him. He’s like my older brother. Or? Is it really true. Are these feelings that I’m having really there… “Priscila you ready?” “Yeah. I’m coming” Niall was taking me to the shooting of their music video -Kiss You- “Come on.. Were going to be late” “Really.? Niall since when are we on time. They will expect it anyway” “You’re right but.. Lets just go.” “Kay. So what are you guys doing for the video this time” I asked walking out at the same time as Niall. my hand brushing up against his. “Different stuff. Getting in our swim suites.” Niall said with a wink. I laughed. “Oh really.? Isn’t that great. I get to see that great body of yours” I laugh pulling his cheek. “Stop.!” he laughs. “what are you going to do about it?” I ask. “This” He picks me up and puts me over his shoulder. Oh great. He knows that I hate that “Niall.! Let me go” “No. NEVER.!!” We laugh. “Seriously.? Come we have to get going” “Oh right” he puts me down. “Sorry” “It’s fine..” we get in the car and drive off. . On our way to their. Niall decides to stop at Starbucks and get some coffee for not only himself but for me and the guys. Which was so nice of him. “So this is just like a video where you guys act in different scenes?” “Pretty much” “Oh okay” the ride was quiet. I started going through twitter when I cam upon some tweets. That Niall was tagged in. “Niall what did you do now?” “What do you mean. I haven’t done anything” “Then why are you being tagged in tweets all over Twitter.?” “I don’t know.” “Hold up. Let me check one of these. Wait one of them had a picture. Let me go see it.. Oh…wait…What.!!!” “What is it.?” “Some girls are calling me a whore” “Why!!” “Someone took a picture of us walking out of our house.. And they thought something different.. They’re saying that I should leave you alone cause your dating Demi and.. Wait? Your not even dating her. And I’m your best friend.. They should know better.” We came upon a traffic light and he took out his phone. “ugh it ran out of battery. Can I see yours?” “Sure” I gave him my phone and he was surprised to what he saw. “Don’t pay much attention to it. It happens all the time. But sometimes I wish it was true.” “What?” “Nothing.. Oh look were here” he turned at a corner and parked his car. “What did you mean. about sometimes you wanting it to be true?” “Nothing, love come on they’re waiting for us.” we get out and I help him with the coffee which was still hot  we walk in and Liam takes Niall with him to get ready. He was only wearing shorts.. I guess they’re doing the scene where they are at the beach. “Priscila.!” I turn around to Harry walking over towards me. His shorts where pulled up a little high. Looking more like booty shorts.. “Hey Harry” I say. Giving him a hug. “Hey babe” “Uh. Harry what’s up with your shorts?” I laugh. “Oh” he pulls them down and they go down to his knees. He looks back up and our eyes meet. . Those beautiful green eyes of his. “Priscila.? Are you okay” “Huh?” “Are you okay” “yeah.. Uh. Sorry lost my train of thought” he smiled. “Oh. So are you going to stay the whole time?” “yeah. Niall is the one taking me home.. He brought me… so yeah” he laughed. “Priscila.!" Niall says running over towards us "What?"  " How do i look?.. he says in his little sailor suit.  "Oo. yhu look sexy" i winked.  "oh. really. thanks" he blushed.  "Niall why are you wearing that.? we're doing the surfing scene" Harry says "Oh. because they needed to see if it fit me.. i got to go change by the way" he runs back to where he was to start with. "So. i guess ill go give the guys their coffee." i say "Let me help you"  "No, its fine..i can do it" "You sure?" "Yeah" "Okay.. I'll stand here all by myself.. doing nothing.. just.." "Fine. Here.. hold these. and lets walk and talk."      
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