Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


6. Missing

“What do you mean.!?”.. “Harry.. I can’t find him” “How long has he been gone.?” “Umm probably about 9 hours.” I try to say calmly. I start messing with my hair. I always do that when I get nervous. “9 Hours.! And you just tell me now.!!.. I’ll be there in 10 minutes okay.” “Okay, bye” “Bye” I hung up the phone. I started walking nervously around the living room. Back and forth. Tapping on my phone. Harry’s POV I quickly got out and ran towards the door. I opened the door and walked over to the living room. All of them were there already. Eleanor was sitting next to her trying to comfort her They were all surrounding Priscila. Liam moved from beside. I took a deep breath and sat next to her. “What happened… That he left.?” I asked. She took a second. “Who…Its all my fault I should have never showed him that picture. I should have just let him be happy.” She says losing towards the floor. “Don’t blame yourself love” Louis says. “No, If it wasn’t for me, he would be here right now” “What did you show him.? “ Liam asks now patiently ,now sitting in front of her, on the floor. She flipped trough here phone. She stopped and flipped the phone to show Liam something. “Ohh, wait isn’t that..” Zayn covered his mouth before he said anything. I didn’t understand until she flipped the phone back and gave it to me. I didn’t even ask any questions. Cause I knew it was going to hurt her. I turned the screen off and left it on my leg. I looked at the phone case. I smiled since it was us. But I quickly frowned knowing that this wasn’t the right moment. “Okay, I guess we should start looking for him.. Its really late and he’s not back” I say looking at the clock which says 11:50 pm. I got up and gave her phone back. “I’ll go with you” she says standing up. “No No.. You stay here its getting late you should get some rest.” “Yeah, Priscila I’ll stay here with you” Eleanor says. “Yeah , see come on its late and you shouldn’t be out.” Liam says. “But if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be gone remember and we wouldn’t have this problem right now.” She says. “Harry just let her go” Zayn adds in, walking behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders. I don’t know why but I ended up tensing up. (Cut into the story. Sorry ha-ha but anyways. Harry always had a crush on Priscila ever since they meet. But since she always spent time with Niall, he figured they were going to go out sooner or later. And he knew that at least one of them liked the other. So he didn’t even try to ask her since he didn’t want to come in between his best mate and friend.. But that doesn’t mean he never stopped liking her.. Okay that’s it. Going back to this story) I thought about it. “Fine, but you’ll come with me.” Her face lit up. “Okay.. Lets go” I smiled. She says grabbing my hand and (not literally) but dragged me towards the door. She stopped once we walked outside into the cold. Louis’s POV “Love are you coming with me or not.” I say to Eleanor “Yeah, I want to help” She says grabbing her jacket.” K, come on babe.” I grab her waist and we start walking towards the door. I realize Harry was holding Priscila’s hand as we finally walk outside. As I walk up to stand beside him I elbow him (Not as hard but still) “What.?!?” he says. “Ohh nothing” I smile. “Louis this is not the right time for what ever you are going.” I still smile and I know he smiled too.. But on the inside. . Once the rain stops a little we all run towards our cars. Two in each. Me and Eleanor, Harry and Priscila, and Zayn and Liam. I looked at my phone . 12:07 am wow. isn’t that late.

Zayn’s POV “Which way should we go.?” I ask. “Umm I don’t know that way.?” Liam answers pointing to the left. “I guess… so what do you think about all this happening.?” I say as Liam makes the turn. “What do you mean,.? “ “Well like did you ever think this was going to happen.?” “uhh TO be honest .. Yes.” “Why?” “Well because Abby just doesn’t seem right you know every time she was with us for some reason she would be looking at you.” “What.!?!” I say turning to look towards Liam. “Yeah, and she never really hung out with Niall when they were together.” I thought for a second. He was right. And what he told me got me thinking. “You know it’s true, and that’s what I hate. Because when I slept over at Niall’s house she tried to get with me, but I told her to stop.” He slowed down the car once we got to the corner. “Really.? Why didn’t you tell Niall.?” “Well I guess your right”   My POVWere should we start looking.?” Harry says starting to speed up once we turn the corner. “Umm lets just go around the city first”  I answer. After that the car went silent. I stared out my window. But Niall was no were in sight. “Umm do you have any clues on were he’s at.? “Harry asks. “No…. and you know I would usually know where he would be at.” I sighed laying my arm on my led. “Babe ,don’t worry we’ll find him.” he says grabbing my hand. But still focusing on the road. I looked at out hands. You know its been a while since anyone has ever really cared for me. And I doubt Ryan ever really meant it. I laid my head on his shoulder. As I did he removed his had from mine and placed it on my back. “Thanks Harry for caring.” “No problem babe, anybody would love to take care of you when you’re down…especially me” he smiled. *3 minutes later* Huh.?? “Harry I know where he might be.:” I say sitting straight up. ”Where.?” “Nandos.” “Love, I highly doubt he’s there, its 12:59 am its closed” “No, just go” “Fine” He made a U turn as we came to this dead end road and speeded. Nobody was really out at this time. So it was better for him to drive as fast as he did.  We reached it in about 3 minutes. Yeah that’s how fast Harry drives. I quickly got out. As I noticed Niall’s car was parked in front of the building. I opened the door. Which to my surprise wasn’t locked. Nobody “Is he in there.?” Harry asks walking over to me “No.!” “But the keys arent here so I’m guessing he went walking” “Where could he have possibly gone.?” “umm. I think I know. I say starting to walk “Priscila we’re you going?” “Don’t worry about it, just call the others and go back to my house…. I’ll be there in a few.” “You don’t want me to drive you.. Where ever you’re going.?” “No.. I got to talk to him by myself.” “Okay.. Be careful love.” “thanks Harry. I will.”

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