Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


22. I'm Okay

My Pov

I walked through the front door of the flat. i took off my heels and walked straight towards my bedroom. Niall closing the door behind him.

" do want anything to eat babe?" Niall nicely asked stopping at the bottom of the stairs. i turned and faced him. 

"um. not right now thanks. im going to go lay down. my head kinda hurts and i just want to rest. ill be down in a bit to help you with dinner" i responded

"Aw i hope you feel better babe" 

"yeah me too. thanks" and with that i turned around and walked up the rest of the steps i had left. i walked into my room and closed the door shut. i laid on my bed and looked at the ceiling. why didnt no one else tell me this earlier. i honestly didnt think this was possible. niall loving me ? plus the fact that harry did too. what no. thats just like a complete dream. i thought about it. the way they looked at me when i walked into a room. their faces would always light up for some reason,. i guess i was the reason. they loved being around me. niall and harry were always protective and didnt like me going out on dates with other guys. but i know i dont have any feelings for harry. i only see him as a brother. but then theres niall... i love him. i really do. i got jealous that hes going on a date with demi. i dont wanna lose him. yet i dont even have him. hes not mine. hes nothing of mine. hes just my best friend. i just wish he knew how i really felt towards him. hes just such a nice guy. i love him so much. he treats me right. looks at the floor when we talk. i guess he doesnt like seeing my face or something. i dont know. or it couldve been that hes just nervous i dont even know what im thinking right now. do i tell niall that i like him ? no. do i take my chances with harry ? nah. like he said he couldnt go out with me even if i wanted to... cause of niall which is such a great thing. i mean they are best friends and i dont want to be the reason one direction breaks up. definitly not. maybe i should just let both of them be happy without me. they can find another girl. a prettier and better girl than me....

"priscila. babe are yhu okay ? you've been in there for quite a while. its been an hour and i wanted to check up on you."

"oh. you can come in. no need to be outside hun"  i say to niall

"okay" he opens the door. and he smiles once he walks in. but frowns as he realizes a tear running down my cheek. 

"priscila. why are you crying. are you okay?"

"im okay."

"then why are you crying?"

"just because"

"because why?"

"because... harry told me the truth..."

"what truth?" niall says with a confused look. 

"niall.... i like you. and i know you like me too....'

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