Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


21. How Do I Feel?

Harry's POV


She kept talking and talking about what she remembered but i wasn't really paying much attention. i just kept looking at her. But when she turned around to look at me. i always looked straight ahead or towards the floor. But i always ended up looking back towards her. 

"Harry are you all right.?"


"Are you.. harry.. what are you doing?"

I hadnt realized that my hands where on her waist pulling her close.. i let go automatically

"I.. I dont know. . im sorry. " i looked towards the floor.. embarresed.

"Harry.. Can you tell me something.. answer me honestly okay"

"Yeah, of course.. what is it love.?"

"How do you feel about me.? really. Do you like me.. like besides friends.. i have this feeling something is up"

"How do i feel?!?"

"Yes.. harry do you like me?"

",..." i didnt say anything for a while until i had enough guts to say something to her. "Yes! i love you. Priscila i love you so much and you dont know how many times ive tried to tell you. and how hard it is to see you with niall. How hard it was for me when you told me you were going out with him. How hard it was when they told me you were dead. I didnt think it would be that hard to  love someone. i love you. but i cant have you. . and you have no idea how much i regreat not telling you.!! it hurts. and now that i tell you this.. just ruined everything.! i know you'll never see me the same. i know we cant be the same. and i know there will never be anything between us. . it hurts.. it really does. and even though i love you.. more than i ever expected... yhur nialls princess. not mine.. Yes.! you were going out with him! you were.! but you wouldnt remember that. you got in that crash that made you forget everything.! and now i tell you because  Niall hasn't been the same. maybe around you. but thats just because you make him happy! priscila.. youre niall's princess. your his one and only princess. & i know itll be hard for me too move on. but ill try. But Niall.. Niall will never find another girl like you. youre the girl he has been waiting for. now go for it. i know when you realize it you'll fall in love once again with him. i love you.. but i gotta let go. i hope we can be the same friends we have always been.. ... i... i gotta go.. see you.. ... later.." i turned around and walked away.. i didnt let her say anything. i just kept on walking. i felt the lumps in my throat start to form. tears started forming in my eyes.. but i kept it in.



i dropped the cup that i had in my hands. the coffee spilled on the floor wetting everything in its path. i.. i .. couldnt believe what i just heard. niall... and harry ... loved me. why didnt anyone tell me this before! i couldnt blame them i wouldve kept it a secreat too. now i didnt know how to see them anymore. should i.. go out with niall. am i forced too... 

"Priscila! love... wow.. priscila what happened?!" niall asked walking over to me

i didnt say anything.. i just looked at him deeply in the eyes. i could feel it. he did love me. . but i was just too stupid to realize it. "uh. . i accidently dropped it.. im sorry.."

"are you okay.?"

"yeah.. umm i.. i gotta go" 

"ill take you home if you want.?"

"arent you guys filming.?"

"no we finished... umm wheres harry?"

"that what i would like to know." 

"NIALL!! Is that really you?!?" niall turned around and ran towards the girl who called his name. they hugged and started talking. i looked at her. until i realized it was no other than Demi. really!!?! why!? i stood there waiting for niall to come back, since he would be taking me home and just started getting jealous. i know it is jealousy. i do love him. but i love harry too.. or do i. niall walked baked towards me all happy and excited.

"ohh my gosh.!! oh my gosh!!" niall jumped on me.. hugging me

" what babe?" i smiled

" i got a date with Demi!!" he smiled.. i frowned. and realized this was a good thing

" oh thats great niall!" i lied. this did hurt. harry was right. it hurt more than anything. but unlike him. im not saying anything. never.. i cant

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