Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


16. Forgiven

Niall‘s POV

“Pr.. Pr.. Priscila you’re awake” I stumbled to talk. “I guess.. Wait. Where am I and what are you doing?” I walked loser to her bed. “Princess what do you mean what am I doing here. Babe… wait do you know who I am?” I ask “No.. wait are you my brother.. Nah… you’re my doctor.” “Love I’m your boyfriend” “No you’re not.. My boyfriend doesn’t have blond hair. He has brown hair and he has light blue eyes, yours are blue with a hint of green with.. Yellow? And he has dimples and the only thing you 2 have in common are the braces but his are light blue while yours are white and his hair doesn’t go up like yours.” She says describing him and there was only 1 person in the world that can fit that description…Ryan.. “I’ll be right bake” I say walking away. I didn’t wait for her response and rushed out the door everyone was still there. Everyone. All the lads. The doctors. Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle. “You guys she’s not dead.!!” I yelled smiling. the doctors rushed inside at my comment. “Niall, no your illuminating.. She’s not with us anymore. Harry says wiping away a tea. “No .She’s Not” I say. “Niall Its not okay that you don’t want to believe that she really isn’t with us any more” Zayn says. “No, he’s right she really is alive” said one of the doctors walking out of her room. “What.!?!” The lads didn’t believe me. Well they were right. Though. If she really was dead then I wouldn’t be able to cope with the thought of not having her with me. “Can we see her?” Liam asks “Of Course.” “All of us” Danielle asks. ”Sure.. But before you go in. I suggest you guys either ask her questions on tell her something about yourselves. Sine she didn’t even know who Niall was. ”The doctor says opening the door wider. We all walked in and Priscila was sitting on her bed. “Ohh my .. Hey.!!” Zayn says giving her a hug. “Uhh can I ask you why you’re hugging  me.?” She asks as Zayn Pulls away. “Because I missed you so much.” “But I don’t know you” 


There were a lot of people standing in front of me. “Yeah you do… I’m your best friend.. The one who gives you good advice” Zayn says. “No. I’ve never seen you in my life.” I say. I thought for a second. I seemed to have recognized the curly haired  one. “Umm. . But I do seem to know you” I say pointing him all of them turned to face him. “Really?” He says. They were the boys of One Direction and their Girlfriends. ” “No. wait I know who all of you are” I say how can I have been so stupid. “Do you know our names?” Perrie Asks. “Yeah your Perrie, he’s Zayn, that’s Louis, Harry, Danielle, Eleanor, Liam and you, you are Niall.” I answer. They all smiled at to what I said. “But I don’t get some thing.. Can you explain to me something” I ask Niall. “Yeah, what is it Princess” “Why did you say that I was your girlfriend if I’m dating him.” I say pointing towards someone behind Harry. They all turned to the direction of which I was pointing. “Ryan.!?! Babe you broke up with him a few days ago.” Niall says to me. “No , no you didn’t babe your still with me” Ryan says stepping out of the darkness. “What.!?!” Niall says. He got up from the bed, I was laying on. “You heard she never broke up with me.” Now they were right in front of eah other. “Really.?.!” “Yes, Priscila.. You believe me right.” Ryan asks walking closer to me.

Harry’s POV

I grabbed Niall’s arm before he did anything stupid. “Niall calm down.” I whisper. I know it was hard for him to realize that she really dint remember the day they went out and it was harder to see her going back to the guy who broke her heard. Priscila was talking to Ryan and you ould tell that she didn’t remember nothing that had happened between all of us. I had to let her go now for sure. Why.? Because this was going to be to hard to get out of. Yes it would be hard. But ill try. “Harry let me go” Niall says.”Do you promise not to do anything stupid.” “Yeah” I let him go. He walked to her bed and sat on the other side from where Ryan was.

Niall's POV

I grabbed her hand she looked at me. She pulled her hand away, now what did Ryan tell her. I looked at him. He was smiling like if he was please from her action. "What did you tell her.!!" I yelled. "What do you mean.!!" "What did you tell her.!??!!" "Nothing.!!" "Stop lying. i know you told her something. She didnt let me hold her hand. Priscila what ever he told you don't believe him. He's lying. Just understand that he broke your heart and that I'm. I'm your boyfriend and not him." I say. I felt a tear stream down my cheek. "Please.. don't I'm beggin you.. I love you.. dont you remember anything.?" "No..i'm sorry" "and its all because of me. I couldn't take it anymore and left the room.


So he was the one who got me in this place so Ryan wasn't lying --3 weeks Later-- I had left the hospital a week ago. and the thing that i had found out when i had gotten out was that i had to share a house with Niall."Are you going to eat breakfast with me and the lads.?" "No. I'm going with Ryan." I answer. The guys had come over alot lately. And one day Liam called me into the kitchen to "Help him clean" But really the only thing he wanted was to talk to me. He talked about how Niall was miserable without me. To be honest I started to talk to him more and forgave him for the accident. I could actually say that we were friends "Again" Danielle and Eleanor came often as well. Perrie didn't as much. Since she was in Little Mix. But when I told Ryan that I had become friends with Niall. He became furious with me. But i dont care. Niall wasnt the bad guy here. But I dont think that i will ever get to the point were ill say that i love him. But hes an awesome guy. I cant denie that. "Priscila.! Ryan's here" Niall says knocking on my door. I get up from the chair and open it. I could see his eyes go Up and Down Like if he was checking me out. ;)


"Hey. I'm Niall." he says giving me his had. i shake it. "I'm Priscila" "What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" i blush at his comment. "So are you guys used to this kind of stuff.?" i ask, " What the photoshoots? " i nod."Yeah..well its just so much fun that i love coming. but i really dont like taking pictures." "Really.? well i guess you are forced to take them" i laugh. He smiled. "can i have your number.?" he asks. "Uhh sure." i say. i give him the digits. He gives me his. "Can i have a picture?" i ask smiling. "Sure" he comes close to me and lays his hand on my waist. and we smile. at my camera. And then after that we just took photos and photos and some of the other guys joined. "Nice to meet you Niall" i say waving at him "Bye babe. Text me" "I will for sure." i smile and walk away. that was a good day  to start of my job. C: 

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