Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


9. FlashBack

Harry's POV 

"yeah, i'm on my way "i say "is she with you"Louis asked. "No, she stayed behind at Nandos" "Why.!?" "Cause she thought she would know where to find him and she didnt want me to drive her where ever she was going" "So you have no idea where she might be" "nope" "Harry its raining.!" "I know but she told me to leave her there and not to worry" "Ohh okay, well since its raining i guess i shuold go" "Yeah we dont want anything bad to happen " "yeah" "bye" "bye mate" "bye" i hung up and focused on the road  but that didnt stop me from thinking. The rain reminded me of the one time... the one time that i was close.... so close to getting a kiss from her. I dont know why rain reminded me of that. Probably because we were playing futbol and it just started raining  


"Niall here.!" Priscila says trying to kick the ball to Niall she was pretty good at it to. I ran up behind her and just kicked the ball from under her feet. "Ahh.!" she yelled. I quickly grabbed her waist before she fell. But that didnt help AT ALL  I feel right on top of her. she turned around still on the floor. "Dude you way a ton..." she trailed off. I looked her right in the eyes. "Your beautiful" i say basically out of no where "uhh thanks.. i guess"i moved my face closer to hers. she did the same well i thought she did. I closed my eyes and all of a sudden it started raining . When i opended my eyes. She had a confused look "Harry stop messing around" she smiled hitting my chest "oo." "i'm sorry" "its okay" i rolled over on the wet grass but the raindrops got in my eys so i got up and help her up as well. I gave her a hug for some odd reason. "Umm... Harry can we go inside if you havent noticed its raining" she says. Yeah i didnt let her go. she was still in my arms. she hugged me so tight that i let go "What...was...that for.?" i asked catching my breath." you wanted a hug didnt you.?" i smiled" i love you " "what.?" "nothing. come lets go inside i dont want you to get sick" i laid my arm on her shoulder and we walked inside. I was disappointed. 

BEEP "Huh" i returned from my dreams into reality . i realized the light was green and dove. I speeded up and a few minutes i was back at Niall's and Priscila's flat. I parked infront of the building but didnt get out. Everyone was there. i could tell there car was there except Nialls so im guessing they werent back yet. The rain just didnt stop. I sat there thinking. Thinking on how things would be different.  As in different i mean that this wasnt happening. Abby and Niall would still get married and i would still have a chance with Priscila. I'm not saying i want her all to myslef but now that Niall's single again. I wouldnt stand a chance . You know the only girl that i want so bad i cant have. Why , because.. well not because she is taken by another man . But i know she belongs with Niall and not me. And i would totally be happy if they got together. dont get me wrong. Yes i would be upset. But stil.........l i sat there and just watched the rain drops fall on the window. . . .

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