Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


11. Car Crash.

My Pov

I yelled and reached over to help Niall turn the wheel. But that didn't help at all. Harry was still on the other side of the phone. The car hit my side of the car. Making all the glass to break. I felt an awful pain in my leg. I looked to see what it was. A piece of glass had gotten into my leg. I tried my hardest to take it out. But i just couldn't .I lost all my strength. The seat belt scratched my neck. i could tell. i moved my hands towards my neck. It burned when i tried to touch it so i just left it alone. My leg was stuck and i couldn't feel it anymore. There was just to much pressure on & weight on it. I tried to face Niall to see if anything happened to him. But my neck was burning/hurting like hell. I looked down at the door it was crushed completely. There was still a few pieces of glass on the sides of where the window used to be. The car that hit us was an Audi R8 Coupe it looked exactly like Harry's but this one was white. There was a young girl in there. Probably around the age of umm 15 or 16. she was pretty young. I wanted to help her so bad. But i just couldn't move, my entire body was frozen. The girl looked okay from where i could see. There wasn't as much blood. Well i  only saw the shoulder and up. I turned my head to face Niall. I slowly moved, .. my chest and shoulders hurt so fucking bad. But when i turned i saw him. He was sitting there. The side of his face had blood running down it. His beautiful blond/brown locks were now red because of the blood. Then another car hit the other car that hit us. I guess i hit my head somewhere since i blacked out. Everything just went pitch black. 

Harry's POV

"Niall watch out.!!" Priscila says. "Hello are you guys okay. . . Hello?" Nothing. There was no answer. I heard a big bang. And a shuttering sound. They was a lot yelling going on. And i got really worried. I stayed on to see if she would pick up. But nothing happened. When suddenly there was this awful sound on the other end. That's when the line got cut off. It wasn't raining anymore, But i still slipped trying to go inside. It did hurt but i got up and this time i walked inside. I flung the door open and rushed inside. "Hello.?! anyone" i stopped in front of the entrance of the living room. Almost falling once again. "Harry what's going on.!?" Liam asked startled. "yeah " Louis asked. i caught my breath for a second. "Harry breath.!" Louis says patting me on my shoulder. "Something wrong happened.!" I say walking over to the couches. I sat down. And so did the others. "Where's Eleanor.?" i asked. "Ohh she's asleep." Louis answers. "Harry tell us what happened." Zayn asked concerned "I dont know if it's what i think, but i think Niall and Priscila got into a accident ." i sighed "What.!?" they all had confused looks "Hold up so your saying that Priscila found Niall? right"Zayn asked "Yeah, she did like a long time ago"I answered. "So where have you been.?"Ï was outside""in the cold?""No, i was in my car infront of the house""so you're saying that you left her alone in the car?" "No, Liam, well she told me to. and you know she wouldn't take no for an answer""True" Ökay, so why do you say that they got into an accident?"Ökay, so Priscila called me a few minutes ago. saying that she was basically on her way.. And Niall sounded alot better and thats when they told me they had good news""What was the news"Louis asks more interested. Well he already was. But still. "They both told me that they were going out.."Zayn cut me off "There going out?!" "Yeah""so what happened next?" Liam asked

Liam's POV

Harry kept talking about what happened . I got a little worried and even scared. But how could we know if they were okay. They didnt answer their phones, Priscila's was either off or something cause it sent us right to voice mail. Louis and Zayn decided they would go to sleep. And i told Harry to go as well but he just wouldn't listen  so he stayed with me in the living room/. We figured that if anything  bad happened. THen either the police or the hospital would call. so me and Harry ended up watching some movies. It was like around 2:40 something and it was still late really. And i did sleep for a while but since Harr ycame i couldn't fall asleep no more. I was wide awake.

An Hour and a half minutes later . .

It was now 4:13 amd and Harry had fallen asleep like i said he was going to when the phone rang. I didn't let want to wake anybody up so i answered it quickly. "Hello""Yes is this the boyfriend of Priscila Mariano ? Ryan Walker?" Ohh can you hold on a sec.""Yeah, sure""thanks" i walked over to Harry "Mate.. mate wake up!"i say shaking him. "Huh?"He says rubbing his eyes. "Harry, someone's calling"he yawned "You answer it""Mate.. its the hospital i think.. and they are calling for Ryan about Prisicla"He was starled. And jumped up from the chair and grabbed the phone

Harry's POV

"Hello" "Hey, Is this Ryan Walker? Priscila's Boyfriend?"i looked at Liam . He whispered What/?"Yes this is Ryan.. how can i help you??"



What do you guys think?? Good or Bad.?? 

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