Nialls wedding. . .

I have know Niall for quit a while now. And hes getting married. But i find myself falling deeply in love with him. But there is only one problem. He doesnt know it. And he's getting married. But once the rehersal dinner comes. The worst thing happens.


18. Agreed


We agreed. "Fine. now can you please get out of my room" I say. There was a sudden knock on my door. "Priscila are you in there?" Someone said. "Uhh.. I Was about to take a shower." I say. "Can you wait a minute?" "Yeah sure" I turn around and Niall is sitting on the bed putting his pants back on. I guess he found his boxers. I walk over towards him. "Go in the bathroom" I say. He nodded. He grabbed his shirt and his belt. he walked around the room shirtless. Went in the shower. "Niall was changing. Well not really. He was texting or tweeting one of those two. I took like a 7 minute shower and got out.I quickly put on a white glittery, tight skirt. "Come in" I say. The door opened. Harry walked in. "Hey" "Hey" i quickly grabbed a shirt and put it on. I really didnt care. at that moment if he saw me shirtless. I did have my bra on dont get me wrong. And i've gone swimming with the lads quite a few times. "What's up" i say grabbing a hair bow." nothing much.. have you seen him: i lied. "Well i guess he'll come to the kitchen" i say "i guess. . hey why is Niall's shoes in here... and his necklace.. why is it on your bed" "Ohh he.. let me borrow his shoes yesterday since i got tired wearing my heels. and i guess he dropped his necklace when he carried me up here" i answer. "Why did he carry you up here?" i couldv'e done it myself last night" Harry says . He sat down on my bed. "Well you had to go and i didnt need help but he just did" "Ohh okay" "Come on Harry let's go into the kitchen . i'm pretty sure he's down there" "but i already checked" "Harry" "Fine.. come with me and i'll make you something to eat." i smile "Sure" we get up from my bed and walk out my room. That was Niall's cue. Harry was infront of me so I friendly pushed him . He laughed. I turned my head back. Niall ran from my room toward his. With no pants just boxers. He had his pants, shirt, on his shoulders and his shoes in his hands. I guess he was going to take a shower. I turned back around and walked down into the kitchen.

End Of Flashback

"uhh.. I seriously forgot about that.. if i remembered i would've told you. i swear" Niall says. "It's fine. but i thought you remembered.. I believe you" ... i kept messing with my necklace. i dont know why. when i looked down.. it was a 3 leaf clover. i flipped it over. And carved into it was Niall's name. Wait is this his necklace.? why do i have it? why didnt he take it back? "Is this yours?" i ask. "yeah.." "ohh here you can have it back" i say trying to remove it from my neck. "No you keep it." "really?" "Yes." i smiled. "Thanks.. i guess.".... we stood there for a while and talked. "Priscila are you coming or what?!" Ryan says walking down the hall towards me and Niall. He looked disgusted and angry. Oh great. What is he going to do now. i've known him for a long time. And i know this is not going to turn out good. . 

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