My name is Lena Errol and I murdered my twin sister five years ago. The thing is, I don't recall anything...

Set in the turn of the twentieth century and explores the psychiatric ward.


1. Prologue


There were two of us. A lifetime ago. And then there was just me. Little, useless, crazy me. Crazy. But I didn’t care.

We used to play this little game, just the two of us, where we would lock our bedroom door and sit on the bare floorboards. We would draw a circle around us and as our fingers met, we would bring our knees to our chests. We were safe in there, inside our glass ball. We were safe. Just the two of us.

We would look into one another’s eyes and smile big toothy grins and hold hands. It was just the two of us. We were safe. Inside the glass ball we could not hear the screams and yells, the sobs and begging. We could not hear the banging and clashing. We could not hear the threats. And they could not hear the sobs we choked on or see our tears.

When there was just me, the glass ball felt empty. It was far too spacious to bring me any comfort. It was cold. I was afraid. I no longer felt safe. I made the glass ball smaller and smaller, scrunching myself up tighter so that I could fit in. I then came to realise that the glass ball was not what had made me feel safe. I had lost the key to my safety and comfort and I would never be able to retrieve it. It had fallen to the darkest depths of my memory, lost and forgotten.

The glass ball was no safer than what prowled around outside, danger ready to pounce. One day, the glass ball smashed and the shards struck right through to my soul.

And I made no move to remove them. I let the pain consume me.  

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