Hey guys!! Comment your name and the One direction member you want and I'll do imagines for you :) I'll try to do everyone


5. Zayn imagine for ~Kathleen

'@Kathleen Why does Zayn leaved Perrie for you?' '@Kathleen Zerrie cuter than Kayn' '@Kathleen Perrie is probably heart broken now! Thanks :('

You read all this on Twitter. There are pages and pages like this. Then you see some nice ones.

'@Kathleen @Zaynmalik Sorry for Perrie, but still happy for Kayn! :)'

It's the only nice one you can see on your timeline. All the others are hating on you. But what people don't know, it's that Perrie was your friend, and when they broke up, she presented you to Zayn. But people don't care about that. You see a notification and open it. "Another hate message" you think.

'@PerrieEdwards : @Kathleen @Zaynmalik I'm happy for you guys :) Say hi to the boys for me, see you soon xx'

'@Kathleen : @PerrieEdwards Thanks babe! See you soon, love yah xxx'

'@Zaynmalik : @PerrieEdwards @Kathleen Thanks darling, can't wait to see you too :) lots of love to mah girls x' 

You smile. People are retweeting all the conversation. You look at your notifications to see lots and lots of apologies. You smile even more.

Zayn : "I knew it would work" You turn around.

You : "it was your idea?" You smile

Zayn : "Yeah, Perrie and I were chatting and she told me she was sorry for all the hate you had, so I tell her to say it to the world, not just to us, cause we already knew, so that's what she did"

He sits next to you. You hug him.

Zayn : "I'm sorry for all that shit, Kath" You laugh.

You : "Don't worry, I knew it was going to happen"

He kisses you and you kiss back. It couldn't be better.

*Hope you like it :)*


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