Hey guys!! Comment your name and the One direction member you want and I'll do imagines for you :) I'll try to do everyone


8. Niall imagine for ~Jade

You're at Nando's with some of your friends. You're wating for what you ordered while the other ones are already eating when you see a beautiful blonde haired boy coming in the restaurant. You try not to stare at him, but he notices. He looks at you and smile. You smile and turn around, blushing. The girl gives you your food and turn around. You didn't realized that the boy was behind you, so you hit him. Your food falls all over the floor, your drink splashes on your white jeans and on his jeans too. Everyone looks at you.

Him : "oh gosh I'm sorry!"

You : "no I'm sorry! I haven't see you!"

You try to clean as much food as you can. A boy comes and washes the juice on the floor.

Him : "I can buy you something else if you want" you blush.

You : "No I don't want to take advantage of this. It's not your fault"

Him : "please, I wasted your lunch, let me buy you another one!"

At is insistance, you accept. He buys you food and you sit to eat with him. You completely forget about your friends.

Him : "So, can I know your name?"

You : "I'm Jade. Who are you?"

Him : "Niall. From One direction. You don't know me?"

You : "Yeah, the boys band. I knew I saw you somewhere"

He laughs and so you do. One of your friends comes at your table and reminds you of the movie you were suppose to see. You tell her to go without you, and they leave. You speak during almost an hour with Niall, when Liam enters in the restaurant.

Liam : "Niall! We have the rehearsal for tonight! We have to go now!"

Niall : "Can she come?"

Liam : "Okay but hurry up."

Niall takes you to the limousine and the boys all stare at you. You blush.

Niall : "Boys, this is Jade. I met her in Nando's"

They all say hi to you. You're talking with Harry when Zayn notices something.

Zayn : "Why is the bottom of your jeans orange? It's a new style?"

You : "No... When I turned around with my food, I hit Niall, so my drink fell and splashed on my pants"

When you arrive, the boys prepare and practice for the show. Lou notices your jeans.

Lou : "Hey, that's not suppose to be white?"

You : "Yeah, but I spilled juice and..."

Lou : "Here, put this on instead"

You put the hot pants. It's strangly the good size. When the boys get out of the stage and Niall sees you, he whispers "Wow" and you blush. During the show, Niall says that he met a beautiful girl today, and that it's the first time someone make him feel weird. When they're finish with the encore, Niall tells you meant it. You smile and he grabs your waist. He kissed you softly and it's the beggining of a long and cute story between you two.

*I know it's long, but I was inspired!! ;) And sorry for the end, I didn't know how to finish it, hope you like it though :)*


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