Hey guys!! Comment your name and the One direction member you want and I'll do imagines for you :) I'll try to do everyone


3. Louis imagine for ~Rachel

You're laying on the beach, next to the fire. Your head is on your boyfriend's lap. You're looking at Zayn and Niall who are running around and laughing. You look up at the stars and realize that Louis is looking at you. You smile and he smiles back.

You : "What are you thinking?"

Louis : "Nothing"

You : "Louis... I know you were thinking about something"

Louis : "Well, I was telling myself how much you were beautiful like this, without make up, natural"

You blush and push him. He laughs and so you do. He starts tickling you.

You : "Louis stot please! Hahahaha"

Louis : "No I won't"

He's now on top of you and you're laughing so much that you start crying. Louis sees it and stop.

Louis : "You okay?"

You nodd. His face suddenly comes closer. He kisses you and you wrap your arms around his neck.

Harry : "Rachel, Louis come on! Take a room please!! Don't do this in front of us"

Everyone laughs. Louis pulls away and rolls next to you. You're both looking at the stars when you feel a breath on your neck. you close your eyes.

Louis : "I don't want this moment to ever end"

You : "me either"

Louis : "I love you Rachel"

You : "I love you too babe"

*Let me know what you think :) hope you like it*


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