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9. Louis imagine for ~Crystal


You've been dating Louis for 5 years now. He was on tour and he's coming back home tonight. You're waiting for him, watching the T.V, but barely paying attention to it, looking at the door every 10 seconds. It's been an half an hour that he is suppose to be there, and you're getting nervous. you get to your bedroom and take your phone. As you were about to call him, you heard the key in the lock of the front door. the door opens as you run downstairs, but you stop just before jumping on him. It was not Louis. Harry was standing there, flowers in hands. "A special delivery for Crystal from The Tommo" he said, smiling. You laughed, took the flowers and hugged him. "I missed my bests friends" You tell him. "We missed you too, love. By the way there's a message for you" he said, pointing at a little paper on the ribbon that holds the flowers together. I took it and read it.

'You're invited to a rendez-vous with your Tommo. You have 15 minutes to prepare yourself. Waiting for you at mine. Lou xx'

You looked at Harry. "Little hint, it's gonna be romantic" he said. He winked and you smiled, getting in your room running. 10 minutes later, your standing in front of Harry, your silver heels in hand. You had chose the blue dress that your boyfriend had bought for you for a dinner last year, and it was still ok, even with your 4 months belly. You had undone the two plaits in your hair, making them wave a little bit. You follow Harry outside, and he opens the door of  his car for you. You laughed and thanked him. He drives you to Louis flat in silence. You could easily say that he tries to hide something. Harry follows you inside. He closes the door behind you as you notice a picture on the floor. You take it and look behind.

"Remember? It's you, when we first met. You were so exited to meet us, that you were going to fall and I catched you back. That's when I knew it."

You laugh as you remember the scene. You then notice that the were pictures making a way to somewhere. You take a look at all of them.

"Our first date. I was so nervous that I spilled wine all over my shirt. And you laughed. Of me."

"Our second date. I still don't understand why you accepted to have another date with me. We went bowling and you killed my feet with your ball. It really hurt!!"

"Third date. First kiss. We were walking by the little lake and Harry took this picture. How we didn't notice he was there?"

"First year. I took you on stage and everyone said it was cute. I'll never forget"

"During the second year, when Gemma had her baby. We were all so exited. Only you and me had stayed up with Harry."

"Third year, Halloween. You in Juliet and me in Romeo. Oh how the boys laughed of this costume... You were gorgeous, but I looked stupid. And you know this."

"This years. Four months ago, you told me we were waiting for someone new. Can't wait for her to open her eyes. Oh, I feel emotive. Now look up, babe"

Tears were filling your eyes. You look up to see Louis standing there, next to a table. He smiles and kneels to the ground.

"Crystal, I had the most perfect moments of my life with you, and the best one was probably when you told me I was going to be a father. I was waiting for that day to come, and now I finally feel ready to ask you. I would be the happiest man ever if you let me live by your side forever. Crystal, my love, would you marry me?"

You could hear his voice trembling. You smiled and a tear rolled on your cheek. "Y-yes L-Louis" you whispered. He got up, hugged you and kissed you. He passed the ring to your finger. You ear some claps behind you. You turn around and notice that the boys were all there. Harry had everything on tape. You hug all the boys, then Louis takes you apart. "I love you" he whispers. "I love you too" you say. He kneels again and kisses your belly. "And we love you too, baby"

*hope you like it :)*


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