Hey guys!! Comment your name and the One direction member you want and I'll do imagines for you :) I'll try to do everyone


2. Harry imagine for ~Nina


You won a contest and you're going to meet the boys at their hotel, just before the first show of the tour. You're really excited. You arrive in limousine and Paul opens the door. Some fans are there and screams as Paul bring you up in their room. He shows you the room and go back down. You take a deep breath and knock. Liam opens the door, shirtless.

Liam : "Hey there!! You're the girl that won the contest right?"

You : "Yes, I am... My name's Nina."

Louis : "Hello!! Boys, come here!!"

Liam close the door behind you as you get in the living room. You soon realize that all the boys are shirtless. You try to stay calm when you see Harry coming. You can't breathe.

Niall : "Is she okay?"

Zayn :  "Hey, you okay girl?"

Harry : "Nina?"

You : "Sorry I, huh... Sorry." You blush.

Louis : "Haha don't worry, you're not the first one. Take your time, as long as you don't scream or faint, we're okay"

They all laugh. Your breath is finally back and you're able to speak with them. As Liam and Louis are putting clothes on in their rooms, Niall is the kitchen and Zayn is in the washroom, you're alone on the couch with Harry. He stares at you, thinking you don't see him, cause you're looking at you're phone. You turn around.

You : "What?"

Harry : "nothing." He smiles.

You : "Harry, why were you looking at me?" you say, smiling too.

Harry : "no reason, I told you!" he start laughing.

Paul arrives in the room and tells Harry to put a shirt. You all leave and get down in the hall of the hotel. Girls are screaming, crying and fangirling over the boys, but they are already late, so they can't stop. You arrive at the place were the show is and get backstage. You take care of Lux while Lou is preparing Harry.

Lou : "Lux seems to like you"

You : "Really?"

Harry : "Normally, she cries when she's with people she don't know"

You look a Lux. She's laughing, playing with your hair.

~after the show~

The boys come backstage and you are already there. They look very happy. They are all screaming and laughing and jumping around.

You : "you were amazing boys!!"

Louis : "You liked it?"

You : "It was crazy!!"

Harry : "She liked it!!"

He takes you and lift you up, then realize what he is doing and puts you back down. He blushes. You blush too.

Harry : "Sorry"

You : "It's okay"

Harry : "Can I tell you something?"

You : "sure, what about?"

Harry : "You know, we meet a lot of fans but... you're the first one that makes me feel like... like that" He becomes a dark shade of pink. And so you do.

You : "Oh..."

Harry looks into your eyes. You smile and he grabs your waist and pulls you closer. He pushes your hair behind your ear and kisses you. You kiss back. You hear Louis and Zayn screaming behind you. You pull away and smile.

Harry : Nina, I think I love you.

You : I think I love you too, Harry.

*Sorry it's a little bit long... hope you like it :)*


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