Hey guys!! Comment your name and the One direction member you want and I'll do imagines for you :) I'll try to do everyone


6. Harry imagine for ~Dana

You're backstage with Lux and you're speaking with Lou. The boys are going on the set. It's their third apparition on Chatty man' set and they are very exited. Mostly Harry, and you have to admit that you are too. You're going to anounce to the world that you're pregnant. The boys all know and can't wait to see you on stage. Lou has prepared you and made you wear a cute and thight shirt , so we can see your 2 months and a half pregnant belly. The show starts. The boys are live on TV. Alan talks about you.

Harry : "I would like to say something about her, if you don't mind boys" They nodd.

Harry : "Babe, come here" Harry says, smiling.

You smile and join him on the set. The fans starts screaming.

Alan : "Is that a belly?"

You : "Yes it is!"

Harry : "Everybody, I'm proud to tell you that my girlfriend and I are waiting for a little girl!!"

The fans screams even louder. Harry kisses you.

Harry : "I love you Dana" You smile.

You : "I have something to add. I also want to tell you who will be her godfather, if he accepts, of course."

Harry smiles and you look at him. He nodd. The fans are silent, waiting for you to say a name. You turn around.

You : "Louis, would the Tommo like to be Darcy's godfather?"

Louis puts his hands in front of his face. Then he gets up and hugs Harry. You smile and he hugs you too. He's crying, but he tries not to show it.

Alan : "Louis, we want an answer!"

Louis : "Of course I accept!!"

The fans scream again. Harry kisses your belly and invites Louis to do the same. Louis does and soon all the boys are around you kissing your pregnant belly. You're laughing. Alan closes the show and the cameras turn off.

Louis : "I'm a godfather!! Thanks Dana!!" he screams.

You laugh as he lifts you up.

Harry : "Be careful, Louis, the baby!"

Louis puts you back down and laugh with Harry. Lux come running and jump on Harry. He takes her in his arms.

Harry : Lux, you know who's going to have a little girl like you?

Lux : Who?

Harry : Uncle Harry!! And Loulou is gonna be her uncle!

Lux claps and you smile. You know Harry is going to be a good dad.

*Personally, that's my favorite right now. What do you think? Hope you like it :)*


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