More Than This

Carson is a 16 year old fangirl who is in love with One Direction. What happens when she goes to a concert and ends up meeting them? If you want to know, then read this!


5. Tour

Carson's P.O.V

Right before I got into my car, Harry came over to me with the most amazing question ever.

"Carson, the boys and I have been thinking for awhile about this, and we would like to see if you and Katie would like to stay on tour with us for the rest of the year!" Harry said, excitedly.

"Harry! I would love to! I will tell Katie about that! But I have some plans with Katie, so text me the details!" I say getting into the car.

"Alright, i'm pretty sure the boys would love to hear that!" Harry says, waving.

After the rest of our conversation, I drove back to my house and got ready for Katie and I's Girls Night Out. We were going to watch a movie and have dinner together.

When I got home, I took a shower and dried my hair and put it in a messy bun. I then got out a white loose shirt, shorts, and peach sandals. It just wasn't getting cold yet, so I did my best to stay in the summer style.

I met Katie at the movie theater and together we bought tickets and went inside the theater. We were watching a horror movie, but right before the movie started, Niall texted me saying, "Hey do you girls want to come back to my house and spend the night with me and the lads?"

I told Katie about it and she said 'okay' and I replied saying, "We'll be there! Right after we eat and watch our movie."

He then texted back, "Well, we were thinking of going out for dinner all together, how does that sound?" I told Katie about that and she seemed excited, so I texted back a 'yes'. And then, the movie began


After the movie, Katie and I got into my car, talked about the movie, and drove off to Niall's house.


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