More Than This

Carson is a 16 year old fangirl who is in love with One Direction. What happens when she goes to a concert and ends up meeting them? If you want to know, then read this!


1. The Concert Day

Carson's P.O.V

I was awoken to the smell of bacon and eggs being prepared for me and my family on this wonderful day. I walked down the steep stairs and walked into the kitchen, sleepy as always.  "Hey Mum" I said in a tired voice. "Good morning Carson, how did you sleep?" she said with a happy voice as always. "I slept good how about you?" I replied, "Terrific! Are you happy about today?" "Of course I am!"

Today was the day that me and my best friend, Katie, were going to a One Direction concert. My mom had gotten us front row tickets, and I thanked her too much to be true. 


*5 hours later*


It was about 3 hours before the concert and I had already picked my outfit out and I was straightening my dark brown hair. I was going to wear a long sleeved red and white striped shirt (with suspenders), my jean shorts, and my red toms. Katie was already over and she had a cute outfit on! As soon as we were about to leave, I said goodbye to my mum and family, and got into the car. Katie and I put our seatbelts on, and off we were to the concert we have been waiting for since March. As soon as we parked there were about a thousand girls crowding the arena and screaming so loud! Katie and I walked in, and bought some glowsticks and each of us got a pair of 1D bracelets, there were and each of the had their names and it said One Direction on it! We walked into the arena and soon saw thousands and millions of girls sitting in their seats and just watching them prepare the stage. Katie and I walked about a thousand steps before we got to the floor rows. We walked up to the first row and set our wallets and purses down and settled in. We took pictures with each other and posted them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and got tons of likes and favorites on them. 

About an hour later, the concert started, we screamed and jumped and waved our glowsticks through the air rapidly, we got a few winks from Liam and Niall, and a smile from Zayn and Louis, and Harry held our hands. After about a few songs finished, it was time for them to sing I Want, and that was probably the best song they did in our concert because while Harry was singing his solo, he threw 2 backstage passes and 2 meet & greet tickets down our way. Every girl went down to get them, but it just so happened, that when Katie went down there, she picked them up and gave one meet & greet and backstage pass to me and kept one for herself. We put them in our purses so we wouldn't lose them. Katie was a fighter, that's why we were best friends, and many more things were the reasons that we were best friends. 


At the end of the concert, we were walking to backstage and there we were, about to open the door and meet One Direction.

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