More Than This

Carson is a 16 year old fangirl who is in love with One Direction. What happens when she goes to a concert and ends up meeting them? If you want to know, then read this!


3. Studio Time

Carson's P.O.V

I arrived at the studio about 30 minutes after I got on my way. I noticed a familiar car while turning into the parking lot, with the license plate that said Ireland and I instantly knew that was Niall's car. I walked over to his car and knocked on the window, he was asleep so I had to knock another 4 times before he woke up and pulled his window down. 

"Hey Niall!" I said in an excited voice.

"Hey Carson," he said in a sleepy voice.

"So,  what have you and the boys been up to?" I said.

"Well, nothing, just talking about you beautiful girls." he said.

"Thanks! Oh there's Katie!" I said to Niall.

"Cool!" he said.

I walked over to Katie the moment she got out of her SUV.

"Hey Kat." I said.

"Hey Car." she said.

"Niall's here!" I said. I was really excited for the day to come.

"Oh co-" she said but got interrupted by Liam and the rest of the boys yelling our names.

"CARSON, KATIE!" they all screamed.

We went over to chat and with that, we all walked into the studio together.

Katie and I got to watch the boys record their new single Little Things, we were totally excited about that because we were the first ones (except for management, the boys, and Ed Sheeran) to hear the song! It was a quite lovely song, it really went along with the boys personalities.

After the studio, we were on our way to a radio station for an interview. The boys told us to be aware for their questions and to sometimes not tell the truth because you will never expect what will be coming at you. 

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