Is it LOVE?

Emma is in love with her bestfriend zayn! But when Emma finds out she has to move away because of her loss of parents. So now shes moving with her sister haley to move with auntie Michele. Will emma reveal her love for zayn? 2 years go by! Did they stay in touch ? Are they together? What happen? well to find out read and see what emma does. Hope u enjoy This is gonna be a long fanfiv okay thanks :) xx


4. What do I say? (short sorry)

Zayn POV: emma was coming over because she had somethimg to tell me. Ive always loved emma. I just never told her I was so scared and she always had boyfriends. I jump in the shower get dressed in comfortable clothes And waited for her to come. After about 10 minutes I hear the doorbell jump up and awnser it. HEY EMMA! I yell she laughs hey zayniee. You sound upsite ? I ask her. Can we talk? em says. Yeah of course cmon in. I hug her and we sit down. Um zaynie Aunt michele and my cousin molly are moving Next month to austrila. I couldnt even talk
i was speechless i didnt know what to
say. My bestfriend the girl im in love with is moving away! I never told her How i feel. And now we will never be together.
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