Is it LOVE?

Emma is in love with her bestfriend zayn! But when Emma finds out she has to move away because of her loss of parents. So now shes moving with her sister haley to move with auntie Michele. Will emma reveal her love for zayn? 2 years go by! Did they stay in touch ? Are they together? What happen? well to find out read and see what emma does. Hope u enjoy This is gonna be a long fanfiv okay thanks :) xx



zayn and emma are bestfriends. Emma lives with her sister Haley and her mum diana. Her mumis a bad mum she dies drugs and drinks and etc. But zayn is always there when emma needs help. Emma is 16 so is Zayn. Emma gets bullied and zayn always gas her back. Haley her sister 13 years old and has cancer. Emma has been taking care of her sister because there mum dont give a crap about them. Diana emmas mom decideds to move to austrilla. So her and her sister haft to go with her. Emma and zayn really love eachothet but they never confuessed there feelings. Now the story starts when Emma is going to tell zayn about her moving away, And the story starts from there. AUTHOR : umm so hi srry its short just giving u a little intro ill update later srry 4 the mistakes :( but hope u read thanx hunnybunnys :) xx
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