Is it LOVE?

Emma is in love with her bestfriend zayn! But when Emma finds out she has to move away because of her loss of parents. So now shes moving with her sister haley to move with auntie Michele. Will emma reveal her love for zayn? 2 years go by! Did they stay in touch ? Are they together? What happen? well to find out read and see what emma does. Hope u enjoy This is gonna be a long fanfiv okay thanks :) xx



Emma has brown hair and big blue eyes. Haley has dirty blond hair with green eyes. They really dont look a like! back to the intro............
Emma has been living with her sister haley. They lost there parnets in a plane crash when They were young. They lived in a foster home until they were 10 once emma turned 10 and Haley was 8 she moved back to england to live with her cousin. After That when emma and zayn met in grammer school they were attached to the hip. Since then they always been bffs. Zayn had always loved her but never told her. Emma really didnt. Emma had like 3 boyfriends and zayn was always there to fix her broken heart. Emma is now 16 in high school. She finds out that her cousin is moving she is heart broken and doesnt know how to tell zayn. Last few week emma started to have feelings for zayn. After her and leo break ups ! She also doesnt know to tell zayn that she loves him. AUTHORS NOTE : srry short! but hope u enjoy im sorry with the bad begging but this is the real intro not the first one thanx loviess ❤ :)xx
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