The Eyes

A man stays at a motel with a haunting secret.


1. The Motel


A man walks into a motel, there is no one in the lobby so he rings a bell he sees on the table. The owner comes out and gives him a key to room 19 and warns him not to go near room 21, he asks why but the owner tells him "Just don't go near it, OK". The man goes to his room, that night when he is trying to sleep but he is curious and eventually he gets out of bed and walks to room 21. The man looks through the keyhole and sees a woman sitting on the bed looking away from him facing the wall, he finds it strange that the owner told him to stay away from the room as he found nothing about it, but all the same he goes back to his room and falls asleep. The next night the man once again looks through the keyhole of room 21, this time all he can see is redness, he assumes the inhabitants knew he was looking the night before and simply goes back to his room and sleeps. The following morning as he is checking out, the man asks the owner, "Why did you want me to stay away from room 21" the owner replied "Oh, it's nothing" and the man said back to him "No please, tell me" the owner says OK and tells him "A man killed his wife in that room a few years ago, I think she still haunts the room, I remember her really well she looked perfectly normal but her eyes, they were red."    THE END
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