Meeting The Boys of 1D

A normal teenage girl who went to see her favorite boy band in concert and got backstage passes and front row seats right in front of the stage. When the concert was over everyone who had a backstage pass went backstage. When we went backstage everyone but one girl started to scream so she let them go ahead of her so then she wouldn't have to her screams from behind her.


2. Playing guitar on stage with 1D

STILL ALLIE'S POV:  When Niall came up to me and asked my to play on stage with them so when I nodded my head yes he was so happy.

Simon's (POV): When Niall called and asked me if they could ask a random fan you helped Liam get free from a fans grip I said yes.

Liam's (POV): When I saw Niall leave backstage I asked Zayn to text Niall to go and grab his guitar so when I saw Niall come back and grab his guitar he left right after so I told Zayn to follow him to see where he goes.

Zayn's(POV):  When Liam asked me to spy on Niall I did so I followed him and he went over to the girl and handed her his guitar but then she hugged him and he hugged her back then she whispered something in his ear that made him laugh and then she texted him something and he looked at her like he was shocked so then before they could see me I went backstage to find Liam and when I found him I told him what they have done so far then he told me to go back out there and keep spying on them so when I came back they were smiling at each other like they had just found out that they won the lottery. So then I kept watching them and listing in on there conversation with each other then the girl saw me watching them so I acted like I didn't hear a word that they said to each other and put my phone to my ear and acted like I was talking to someone so they wouldn't get supicious.


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