Meeting The Boys of 1D

A normal teenage girl who went to see her favorite boy band in concert and got backstage passes and front row seats right in front of the stage. When the concert was over everyone who had a backstage pass went backstage. When we went backstage everyone but one girl started to scream so she let them go ahead of her so then she wouldn't have to her screams from behind her.


4. Opening up for 1D

Harry's POV:  I asked Paul if the girl that helped Liam earlier could open up for us as a surprise for the fans.

When Paul said that it would be okay I texted Louis and told him to get the boys and meet in my dressing room he responed back saying alright. I went to my dressing room and waited for the boys to come then my dressing room door swung open and in came the boys. So boys I wanted to ask you to see if you wanted the girl that helped Liam out to open up for us. The boys all said yes so then I went to find Paul to ask him to go and find the girl.

Paul's POV: When Harry asked me to go and find the girl that helped Liam out I did and found her in the front row playing on her phone. I went up to her and tapped her shoulder she looked up and smiled and I asked her to follow me so we could talk she nodded her head and grabbed her stuff and followed me but I asked one of the other sceratiy guards to go and stand by where she was sitting so that no one tries to take her spot while she is gone. I asked her if she wanted to open up for the boys and she just smiled and nodded her head but when I was about to turn around to get Harry she stopped me and whispered in my ear and asked if I could send Liam and Niall out while I go and talk with Harry I just nodded and went to go find Harry. When I finally found him I told him to go and get Liam and Niall he nodded his head and went to their dressing rooms and told them that I needed to speak with them privately soon Liam Niall and Harry came back and I told Harry to go to his dressing room and wait till I was done. Liam and Niall went to where the girl was and they told me to go and talk with Harry I nodded and went to Harry's dressing room.

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