The man that wouldn`t leave

This is for the scary stories competition. The story is about a girl called Summer who is moving house. But when she gets there some strange things keep happening. But will these things force Summer out of her house!!


1. Who`s there?

The man that wouldn`t leave

It was a Saturday night. You would expect a 21 year old girl to be out, right? But Summer Andrews was sat in her living room, turning her head in every direction, as if she was looking for something, and indeed she was, but not trying to find something, rather someone. That someone was the man upstairs, the man that made her want to scream, but she couldn`t, she wouldn`t give him the satisfaction. And also she didn`t want to get her friend Julie (who lived next door and would hear the scream) involved. So she just acted like everything was fine, and that maybe why she is in grave danger!


A week earlier, Summer Andrews lay in her room in her mother`s house. She couldn`t wait to move out and have her own personal space. She slowly walked out of her room for the last time, tears dripping down her face like a waterfall. All of her things were in the other house, waiting for her arrival. She didn`t want to leave without saying goodbye to her mother and sister, but she didn`t want them to see her upset. So she dressed into her grey jogging bottoms and red shirt. Then she walked down the stairs, wishing her father could see how grown up she was, but he died 5 years ago. She walked to the front door, looking around, whispering to herself “This isn`t my home anymore, I can do this,” before walking out of the door, then she ever so slightly closed it. She stepped to the car and grasped the handle and pulled it, opening the door, before hopping into the car and putting her keys in the ignition. She then shut the door, fastened her seatbelt, and pressed on the peddle, knowing she was driving off into her future.


It seemed to take forever to reach her new home, but it was only actually 20 minutes. She got out of the car and slammed the door shut, locking the door behind her. She walked over, to see Julie rushing out of next door and running over, her blonde hair swaying in the wind. “Hello” she cried excitedly.

“Hi” said Summer emotionlessly.

“What’s wrong?” asked Julie sympathetically.

“Can you just leave me alone please? I`m not in the mood” screamed Summer.

Julie bit her lip, and stomped back to her house.

“I`m s-“ Summer was cut off by the door slamming.


Summer walked over to her house and pushed the key to the hole, before turning it and pushing the handle down. The door then opened on its own. “It must be the wind” she thought. She stepped in, closing the door behind her. She turned around to see all her luggage, out of the box and perfectly arranged her sofa in exactly the right position and little things like that. “Aww my mum must have done it. “I`ll have to thank her l-“. She had the suspicion that there was someone’s presence behind her. She slowly turned around to see……nothing!!



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