The man that wouldn`t leave

This is for the scary stories competition. The story is about a girl called Summer who is moving house. But when she gets there some strange things keep happening. But will these things force Summer out of her house!!


2. Where am I?

She quickly ran away, and up the stairs. She ran to her room, and cried, before calming herself, and ever so slowly drifted to sleep, leaving into a land of dreams.

“AGHHHH” she screamed. She sat up, not knowing if it was a dream or reality. She had just felt a poke on the back of her neck. She turned around to see Julie.

“Oh God you scared me” she panted.

“I`ve just come to give you this, it was delivered to the wrong house” Julie said horribly.

“Oh thanks I`m s-“

Julie had already gone! She ripped the package open, to see a note, which read “GO AWAY!”

Her lips trembled, and she ran to the door, but it wouldn`t open!

She banged and banged, but then suddenly it opened. “Thank Go- AGHHHH” she screamed.  A man was stood there and whispered “Go away”

The man then walked to the stairs and disappeared. She ran to the stairs, skidding, and ran and ran until she hit the bottom. She then, stiff as wood, walked to the couch and collapsed.

A week later, now, she still sits there, only moving to get food. Not much had happened, except the man kept appearing at the top of the stairs, and a picture had been thrown. She was terrified!!


She sniffed. She sniffed again! She could smell smoke coming from upstairs. “You`ve done this haven`t you, just to get rid of me” she screamed. She could now see orange flames flashing at the top of the stairs, the man stood in the middle of them. “WELL I`M NOT GOING” she screamed at the top of her voice.

“Your choice” he mumbled. Suddenly there was an explosion of flames, and Summer was blown over.


She blinked. She blinked again. She was alive, or so she thought. The man stood over her, and then he said something, something that would change her life.

“Welcome to the other side” were his words.


The End





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