Overcoming that issue.

What ever happens, how ever big or small, you can over-come it.
Even the awquard times, and embarrssing moments.


1. 500+ pages.


Every person does wrong. Maybe some more then others, and others less then most. But what ever happens, no how matter big or small, it can be over come.

Like maybe a dream of becoming the next famous actor.

Maybe you discover it's not right for you, and begin to wonder what is.

Dig deeper into your lifestyle, find what's right for you.

Or maybe you already have an idea of what you want to be. You just have to think what might get in the way. Something as simple as 'Will I get along with my fellow workers?' or 'Is this going to be harder then I thought?'

What-ever the issue, big or small, it CAN and WILL be sorted.

Imagine this.

You've began at a new office, with un-familiar people, with whom you have nothing in common. Every day, they distract, or whisper about you.

The answer is simple.

Ignore them, and get along with you own work.

Sometimes we get a little to frustrated, and freak out.

But as most parents, or carers say to you...

'Learn to ignore them, and get on with your own work. Your the one doing right, not them. See where that'll lead them'. And they are correct. Any obsticle, at any-time, can be avoided.

Don't let those people get to you.

Let reality get to them first.


Obsticles have weaknesses. No doubt, right now your thinking ' What the heck does that mean? Weaknesses?! Has that lady gone nuts?'

But they do, and all you have to do, is find it.

If people like to distract you, maybe they have a weakness. (They are the obsticle).

Blank them out. If they know your ignoring them, and they aren't getting to you, they'll back off.

Maybe you don't like to speak in front of a big audience, maybe something small like your class.

I hate that, I turely do.

But I can find their weakness.

That answer is beyond simple.

Imagine they are not even in the room, or don't look up.


To over-come something, is simple.

Take a deep breath, and think.

What could you do to help yourself in this situation?

1. Find a weakness.

2. Be brave, and clench your fist.

3. Or be you, and do things your way.

Are you beginning to see how easy this is?

Over-coming something, means to get it out of the way.

Such as presenting something to an audience.

It will end, and it will get out of the way.

Especially when you jump at the chance, and learn to enjoy it.

Brace yourself, and don't care what others say.

It's your life, not theirs!

Even if you do hit bumps in the road (obsticles), remember, they won't stay there forever.

Obsticles are there for a reason.

They are there to help us get on in life, do things we wouldn't usually do, do things better then we can, push ourselves.

That's what makes you, you.

You have your own obsticles.

And it's only you that can over-come them.


Written by Tazmin Jeffery, aged 12.

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