That special time of year

A rejected entry for a drink driving competition at my school. Wanted to post it here though.


1. That special time of year

My body crumpled and disfigured. Broken back with one eye missing, I look out on the world. Through the thin material of the body bag, crying faces watch me. The cold wind scatters my hair across my face, protecting me from their staring eyes. Small snowflakes fall onto the ground surrounding me but I can’t feel the cold, the warmth of my sticky blood like a coat hugging me tightly; in a way that my Mother never would again. The sirens are turned off and the faces all turned away, except my baby sister, her clothes crumpled and make up running down her face. A stranger tries to lead her away but she screams and falls to the floor, as if she were the one in pain. The doors slam shut, leaving my eyes to rest on the unfriendly florescent colours of the ambulance. I hear my sister cry out and two words linger on my lips, wishing to be spoken. Merry Christmas.

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