Your Dark Angel

I am a curse.I am the opposite of an Angel as they try to make your life great whereas I try to make your life hell.So if you see a girl,about 15 years old,wearing a black tutu,a black spagetti strap top and a pair of black feathery angel wings,just walk past me and pretend that you never saw me..avoid me like the plague....


3. The next morning

I woke up feeling sick,like I could throw up any second.I rolled over and saw a beautiful sight,a girl,dressed in a black pj set.I think of what I saw last night.The knife.IT WAS JUST A MEAT KNIFE!!I tell myself. She stirs and wakes up and sees me looking at her.She turns and kisses me again,and then,after it is too late she gets out a bloodstained knife and probes it deep into my chest and I find it hard to breathe.My white bed-sheets are now bloodstained and ruined.I fade into blackness..

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