Your Dark Angel

I am a curse.I am the opposite of an Angel as they try to make your life great whereas I try to make your life hell.So if you see a girl,about 15 years old,wearing a black tutu,a black spagetti strap top and a pair of black feathery angel wings,just walk past me and pretend that you never saw me..avoid me like the plague....


1. The girl in the tutu and wings

I was shopping in my local town center when I saw a girl,she was so beautiful it hurt to look at her,yet she had a strange sense of fashion,as she was wearing a black tutu and black feathery angel wings.I want to get to know this girl and why she dressed so strangely.So I walk back and bumped into her on purpose.             "Oh I am so sorry!!"I say to her.                                                                                                             "No,its totally cool,don't worry about it..."she answers with a voice like honey.                                                 "If there is anything I can do to make it up to you..."I tell her.                                                                         "Well I guess there is just one thing..." she answers with a naughty smile playing her lips which were so perfect,so kissable....                                                                                                                                                  "And what would that be?"I ask...and my heart was beating,nearly bursting out of my chest...                         "I had a row with my parents earlier and they won't let me back in the if I could stay with you for a while..?"She asks,looking hopeful.                                                                                                                 "I live on my own,with one double that OK?"I ask hoping like hell.                                                           "It is not is PERFECT!!"She replies.And I feel like I had found my soul mate,the girl who I would be with forever!!So we walk back to my place...

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