Your Dark Angel

I am a curse.I am the opposite of an Angel as they try to make your life great whereas I try to make your life hell.So if you see a girl,about 15 years old,wearing a black tutu,a black spagetti strap top and a pair of black feathery angel wings,just walk past me and pretend that you never saw me..avoid me like the plague....


2. The first night

As we walk through my front door,I drop all of my shopping bags and I sit down on my sofa.She sits beside me.Then she leans over and kisses me on the cheek ."I am really tired..whats the time....OHMIGOD it is 5 in the morning!! Shall we go to sleep?"I said                                                                                                                                            Yes,that is a good idea,I am very tired she says.As I walk into my bathroom I look back at her.She doesn't see me.She is putting a large shiny knife into her bag.Oh well,it is just a meat knife...I think..So I go and have a shower while she gets into her pajamas.When I walk out I see her under the cover.She is sleeping,so peacefully that it almost hurts to look at her.I then feel like I am being dragged into a sleep,dragged deeper and deeper...

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