Your Dark Angel

I am a curse.I am the opposite of an Angel as they try to make your life great whereas I try to make your life hell.So if you see a girl,about 15 years old,wearing a black tutu,a black spagetti strap top and a pair of black feathery angel wings,just walk past me and pretend that you never saw me..avoid me like the plague....


4. I,the dark angel

I wake up remembering being stabbed by a girl of such beauty and I turn to see where I am.....I am in the exact place where I was stabbed,but this time I was wearing a black suit and I had a pair of black wings arching out of my back and I saw her next to me... "Why did you do that to me??"I screamed at her.."I did it to protect my kind..I was the only one left..can you possibly do what I did to you to many other girls,then transform them??It is to protect us,to protect me...please Jackson!!"She begs me."Ok then.I just have to take these wings of.Nobody likes a good boy......"

So I am destined to a life of killing and cruelty.Great.But on the plus side I do still have my dark angel...

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