the abandoned house


1. short story


I was checking my e-mails then I got a strange e-mail it said “ meet me at the abandoned house at 4 o clock ok?” it was from my friend, Adam. At half 3 I got my jacket and started going on my way to the abandoned house. I looked up, it was pitch black and it was a full moon, unfortunately I had to walk through a forest to get to the abandoned house. I made sure to stick to the path or I would be nee deep in mud, being me all the creatures of the forest came out to see me, I was a little on edge and what made it worse was when I heard a spine chilling laugh “ A-ha-ha-ha-ha” I suddenly realised that there was a chill in the air. I got to the abandoned house and the door was open, I crept into the house and as I stood in the hallway, I heard a creak on the stairs, I looked up at them and there was no-body there. There was a strange light from outside, I closed the door quickly, wandering if anybody was outside then realised that a shadowy figure was at the top of the stairs, I ran out into the house, turned around and saw that the shadowy figure was chasing me, felling like they were out to get me. As I was running as fast as my legs would take me, I tripped over a log, I fell to the ground, looked up and saw that the shadowy figure was looming over me with a big smile on his face.

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