The box of horrors

Every five years a person gets chosen to enter the box.This time its Paige.The box is a world made simply out of fear,it is like our world but there is only Paige and the fears..........


1. Entering the box

I screamed as they pulled me to the box,with tears streaming down my face.I got closer,"please!no i don't want to!"i cried and tried to pull away "beat the fears and you can leave"said one of the people who dragged me "i can't im not strong enough!"i screamed still crying.I was at the box,they opened it,it was dark and large.They pushed me in and closed the box behind me.I screamed is i fell,it took a long time.When i landed i saw a red telephone box,a figure came out of the telephone box and walked towaards me i moved backwards and started to run.I looked behind me,the figure was gone.I looked ahead again,the figure was right infront of me.I stopped running but as i did i stumbbled forward a bit.I looked at the figure trying to move back but i could not somthing was stopping me,i looked behind me,there was a wall that was not there before.I looked back and the figure was gone,all that was there was a small doll with red hair and huge eyes,that blinked.I started breathing fast,i was scared.The wall was now gone,i ran back,the telephone box was still there,i ran inside it.The doll was gone and outside was black,i tried to push the door open but it did not work,it was sealed shut,i was trapped.The phone in the box was ringing,i answered it............




                                             run Paige run faster then you ever have before

                              because the box is going to scare you,so much that death will seem good



I put the phone down quickly,i sat down in the corner of the telephone box,i slowly drifted into the land of dreams where everything was good and happy and i had my sister and mum.But then i woke up to the harsh reality......................

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