George, Ella and Me- X Factor Comp!

Dawn has lived next to George for as long as she can remember. She was there for him when he didn't get through to judges houses on X Factor, so when George gets the call to join boy-band Union J, Dawn is ecstatic. Now George is on the live shows, and another contestant seems to have taken a shine to him. Will Dawn and George be the couple she's always wanted to be? Or will fame, paparazzi and Ella Henderson get in the way?


6. Oh What A Shame That You Came Here With Someone

I got out of bed and jumped straight into the shower. The powerful sensation of the water beating off my skin calmed my nerves a bit. Why was I nervous, you may ask? I had been nervous a lot recently. And it mostly had to do with George. He drove me mad. His hair, the way he flicked it when it got in his eyes. His dimples, the way his cheeks looked like a squirrel storing nuts for winter. His eyes, the way... Oh god. What have I become? I rushed out of the shower, dried my hair and looked in the mirror. Dawn Emily Crawley, the boy you have pined for so much didn't care enough to walk you safely home, so why care what you look like? But I knew all the attempts at persuading myself not to feel the way I do about him were hopeless. Simply, life was better when George was around.
Now, what to wear. I never liked hotels, how they were so impersonal and not homey at all. That's why I never really unpacked in these places. I crawled over the bed to my open suitcase, which was lying on the carpet. I shuddered to think what the carpet had seen, that stain was certainly not a pleasant shade of brown. I never cared much about clothes, mostly because I was never good for fashion. In my opinion, jeans and a clean t-shirt is all you need, right? I reached in to the monstrosity that was my suitcase, and made a guess as to what I'd pull out. Jeans and a purple t-shirt. It was my usual style but... The thought of Ella in the floor-length sparkling evening gown made me search for something nicer. After several awkward attempts at unzipping my bursting bag, and even more frustrated grunts as I decided what to wear, I finally managed to put something together. It was a tan leather jacket I never wore, a sequined red top my mother got me in an effort to convert me to fashionism, dark blue jeans that were a little too snug around the buttocks, and grey ankle boots that clipped my heels every time I walked. Even though they went with my outfit, I decided the ankle boots would just have to wait until my feet grew, because my converse were just too tempting sitting so comfortably in the corner. Then to my hair. I usually brushed it and let it down around my face, but since this morning was the one I would confront George, I actually made the effort to pin it up in a sophisticated bun. Now, I was ready. 
I rehearsed what I wanted to say in my head on the way down to breakfast. All the contestants had breakfast together, so George would definitely be there. I knew he'd be there because George had one of the biggest appetites I'd ever seen. My mother used to say she had to make extra helpings
every time George was over, because he had the hunger of a starving meerkat. Now that I think of it, that doesn't really make as much sense as it did when I was five. Meerkat? My mother had some weird analogies...
Anyway back to business. I tend to freeze up when I'm talking to George, so if I have a speech prepared, then I can't go wrong, right? So, I decided to start with the basics: George, I know you saved me last night, And thank you. But why didn't you just walk me home if you were going to follow me anyway? You're my best friend but I feel confused at the moment. Hopefully we can figure out our feelings for each other, and start something here.
I went over it in my head again and again, and I didn't realize that I was in the elevator, reciting it aloud; in front of some poor random bystander. The boy was looking at me like I was crazy, staring at me from underneath his baseball cap.
"I'm not mental" I said, without thinking. Oh god now he's going to think I'm more unstable. 
"I didn't say you were" He said, now smiling at me with one of those George smiles. 
I laughed. He started whistling to the music playing in the elevator, Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe. Uh, this song irritated me so much. The lyrics were stupid, the melody was unbearable and her voice made me cringe if I listened to closely. Yes, this was definitely one of the worst songs ever. 
"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy..!" I belted out, as the boy accompanied me by singing the harmony line.
"You really can't sing" He laughed, as the elevator door opened.
He walked out and I stumbled after him.
"I'm sorry about what happened to you last night" he said, lowering his voice. 
"How do you know about that?" I asked suspiciously. Had George told a lot of people about the fiasco last night? Or was my mystery hero standing right in front of me?
"Can I ask your name?"
"Yes" He said, grinning.
I waited patiently.
"Well what?"
"Aren't you going to tell me your name?"
"You haven't asked me yet"
"Yes I have!" I was getting exasperated. My stomach was rumbling with the hunger and I was agitated after my tiring experience last night. 
"No, you asked permission to ask my name. I gave you permission."
"Fine!" I said, waving my hands in exasperation. I stalked off, leaving the elevator boy with a smug smirk on his face. I entered the ballroom where the breakfast was held. The room was basic, but tastefully decorated. I spotted Lucy in the corner tucking into a croissant with Rylan. They seemed to be having fun, but I had a job to do. I scanned the tables. There was the other lads from Union J, but George was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was still in bed, after all, he was out late last night. Saving me. I shuddered. What might have happened if those awful men got their hands on my George. 
I decided I'd better get some food. The food was mainly continental, no fry-ups or sausages in sight. The pang in my chest reminded me how much I missed home. I can just imagine my mother frying up rashers and sausages right now, Dad and Eric sitting hungrily at the table. The modest white-washed two-story house was identical to the 5 other houses on our street, Bradley Drive. Identical to George's house, on the left and the Willers, a gentle, elderly couple, on the right. Dad would do a bit of 'gardening' later. I.e. Hiding in the greenhouse and reading the Sunday newspaper. Eric would most likely be washing his car, his baby. None of us got a look next to his car.
I grabbed some croissants and a glass of orange juice, and quickly shuffled over to Lucy and Rylan's table.
"Well, if it isn't Ms. James Bond herself" Lucy said, smiling.
"Brave Dawn, if I had been attacked last night I would cry in my bed all day. That or get a therapeutic massage in the spa..."
I stared at the two.
"How do you know what happened?"
They both shrugged.
"Word spreads like wildfire backstage" Lucy explained.
"OMG, did you hear about Chris Maloney? Apparently he's faking the whole nerve thing"
I tuned out of their gossip at that point, because walking in the door in tan chinos and band t-shirt was George himself. And arm around him was Ella, with a messy bun piled high upon her head. She was still in her pajama bottoms. Attractive.
"Sorry guys, I better go say hi to George" I was out of my seat and ready to walk over when I felt a hand clasp my arm. 
"Dawn, I wouldn't"
I looked back at them. Lucy and Rylan exchanged a glance. 
"Why not?" I asked, looking down so I didn't have to meet their eyes.
"Ella and George are kind of a thing now, among the contestants and staff anyway"
I pretended to look as if this didn't affect me.
"So? Friends still say hi to each other even if the other has a girlfriend. So I can say hi. Because thats what me and George are. Friends"
My babble of words were not convincing in the slightest but they didn't argue further all the same.
I made my way over to the table when Union J and Ella were sitting. George looked up and smiled, but it wasn't a very enthusiastic one. More like 'I'm acknowledging your presence but you don't have to stay'. I decided to be the bigger man.
"Hi, George, Ella, Union J"
The other boys smirked at each other.
"We have names just like George, you know" one of them said.
"Jeez, it's not like you can be so lazy as to call us all by the band name"
I was taken aback. We had met, like, once and suddenly I had to be best friends forever with them?
"This is JJ, Jamie and Josh" Ella said, waving to each boy. To everyone else she looked like she was helping, but the gleam in her eyes told me something else.
"Ella knows our names, I think she's a keeper George, eh?"
They all started jostling George around. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. 
"I was wondering if we could talk for a minute" I said, more directly to George. 
"I'm all ears"
The table was no staring at me.
"In private, maybe"
"George has a gf now, Dana. You can't have anymore private talks"
"Its Dawn" I said quietly, not wanting to make a fuss of their rudeness. Also I thought I might lose it, how could George just sit there and watch them act as if I'm this stranger?
"We better go practice" the model-like one said.
"God knows we need to to beat Ella!" the one with the tattoo nudged her playfully and she smiled.
"I'll be going then" I said, feeling a bit confused, hurt and angry. 
"Bye" one of them said. The other two ignored me. Ella smiled.
"Bye, Dawn" George said, looking at my face for the first time.
"Bye, George"
Then I went back to my room, packed my bags and got the train back to Bristol.
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