George, Ella and Me- X Factor Comp!

Dawn has lived next to George for as long as she can remember. She was there for him when he didn't get through to judges houses on X Factor, so when George gets the call to join boy-band Union J, Dawn is ecstatic. Now George is on the live shows, and another contestant seems to have taken a shine to him. Will Dawn and George be the couple she's always wanted to be? Or will fame, paparazzi and Ella Henderson get in the way?


2. I Threw A Wish In The Well...


“Dawn, George is here!”
George. I flew down the stairs, banging my hip off the hall table in my haste to seem him. He stood there, hands in his jean pockets and a grin on his face. My mother smiled and left us to it. I immediately flung myself into his arms.


He fell back with the weight of me. He smiled.



And this was the moment when we’d do it. What I’ve wanted to do for months. Just do it, Dawn. For god’s sake, what are you waiting for? Lean in and kiss him. Now.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked him, cursing my lack of courage.

“Yes please”

I led him into the kitchen, and switched on the kettle. It was silent. Why aren’t we as comfortable as we used to be? Why aren’t we laughing and joking and talking about absolute nonsense right now? Why is this so…weird?

“I saw you on TV” I said, turning my face away from him so he couldn’t read me. George was always way too good at telling exactly what I was thinking. That’s the price of growing up with someone I guess.

“Did you?” He said, like he was choosing his words carefully.

“Your audition was amazing” I said, putting the teabag in the mug of hot water.


Another awkward silence.

“And Union J were fantastic at Judges’ Houses”

He didn’t say anything. But, in a way, he did. He knew why I was being weird. I knew why he was being weird. Why couldn’t we just say it and get it out in the open?
“How is the Coffee Bean?”

The Coffee Bean was the coffee shop I worked at, and George did too before… all this. It was a dull little café, and nothing ever interesting happened there. For George to go and do what he did, well, that was big news for our customers. Mr. Brandon, a cranky old man who gets pleasure out of denouncing the teenage generation, keeps us all up to date with the news in the paper. Only yesterday, he showed me the front page of the Mail. And the whole café went quite.

“Mr. Brandon keeps the whole shop informed of your whereabouts in the competition”

He laughed. George and Mr. Brandon always did get along, while Mr. Brandon said I always made cold tea and stale scones.

“I saw the most interesting thing on his paper yesterday”

I put in two spoons of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon, the way George liked it. I set it down in front of him and he looked up into my eyes. Why the hell does his eyes have to be so … brown? They’re so full of warmth, like a puppy pining for his owner’s love. I had to look away or I wouldn’t say it at all.

“George, are you going out with Ella Henderson?”

George looked at me. And then he started to laugh. I’ve just put the question that kept me awake all night last night to him, and he decides to have a good ol’ chuckle about it?

“I’m sorry, its just…” He grinned at me. “Its Alison Grahems all over again!”

I punched him on the arm and he enveloped me in a bear hug. So what if I was a bit jealous. It wasn’t exactly easy to see the X-Factor Sweethearts splashed on the cover of every magazine in England.

“Come on, lets go to our special place”

George grabbed my hand and we stumbled down the back of my garden, over the broken fence, and into the field we used to play in as kids. Right in the middle of the field was the well, the one we used to make wishes in.

“George!” I was laughing now, at the thought of all our stupid wishes. I remember I wished for a pony, a fish, a green toaster (Mum used to make me come on endless IKEA shopping trips), to get an A on my Christmas spelling test, and many others. One wish stood out for me though. When I was five, I threw a piece of tinfoil (we weren’t stupid enough to waste good sweetshop money) into the well, and wished, that when I was old and wrinkly, George would be the person beside me. I wanted me and George to be like Nan and Granddad when we got to that age. Wishes were a big deal to me; I used to force George to make them. He used to mock me, humming like were meditating or something. But I knew when it came to it, George took them just as seriously as me.

“Here” He handed me a coin, keeping one in his own hand for himself.

“Of course, with your new X-Factor fame, you can afford to through a pound away”

“I’m still broke”

We laughed and threw the coins into the well. I closed my eyes and counted to three. One-Two-Three: I wish that George and Me would stay exactly that. George and Me.





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