George, Ella and Me- X Factor Comp!

Dawn has lived next to George for as long as she can remember. She was there for him when he didn't get through to judges houses on X Factor, so when George gets the call to join boy-band Union J, Dawn is ecstatic. Now George is on the live shows, and another contestant seems to have taken a shine to him. Will Dawn and George be the couple she's always wanted to be? Or will fame, paparazzi and Ella Henderson get in the way?


4. Hey, Hey, You, You, I Don't Like Your Girlfriend...

"Okay, the show is about to start, good luck everyone!"
I winked at George across the room, and be gave me one of those smiles that make my heart beat at a rate I'm sure isn't healthy. Then Ella, the girl with the big hair and an even bigger voice, leaned in an said something to him. He laughed. I wish it was me that made him laugh.
I forced the painful idea of there being something going on there out of my mind, and walked over to Lucy where she was getting her make-up done.
"Heya Dee... Woah, you look like you've just woken up with 'Beer Fear'"
I smacked her on the head with my clipboard, and she laughed. The hair stylist wasn't too happy though, and had to fix Lucy's crown all over again, fixing bobbing pins and touching up hairspray.
"Seriously; you okay?"
I nodded and smiled. She didn't need anything more to worry about. Me and Lucy had become friends, since we spent the whole day together yesterday, just messing around. She didn't want to have a big heart-to-heart about her Grandmother, so we raided the judges' fridge and hit up the movie room where people could play back last weeks performances. She showed me everyone from James Arthur, who was definitely my kind of musician, to Rylan, who I hate to admit was amazingly entertaining. She showed me Ella too, who sung a flawless rendition of Take That's Rule The World. Why couldn't she be absolutely crap and just go home now? Union J sang Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, a song I happen to have a personal dislike for. It all centers around a tea-cup ride, way too many fudge sundaes and that song blasting beats through my ears my stomach just couldn't take. That poor, poor woman who got the receiving end of the horrific experience. I shudder just reminiscing about it...
"Jehmene Douglas"
And the show begins. I sidled across the room, squeezing past the two mothers of the show, Jade Ellis, who was practicing her raspy soulful tones, and Melanie Masson, the mother of two with a voice of such power it brings the house down. I see George, and immediately the tense atmosphere around me melts away. I smile at him, and he smiles back. Except, he's not smiling at me. He's smiling at something he just heard. I then saw Ella leaning in and whispering something in his ear. I felt like my heart deflated and just burst.
"Dawn" George said, finally noticing me. "This is Ella, Ella this is Dawn"
She smiled at me. I tried to return it but my mouth muscles just wouldn't allow it. Stop it, Dawn. Ella seems perfectly nice and shes done nothing wrong.
"You were amazing last week" I said, finally easing my lips into a polite smile.
"Aw, thank you!"
"She's amazing every time she sings, you should hear her song for this week!" George was beaming at her, like he was a proud parent looking at his child.
"She'll hear it tonight, dumbo"
Ella play-punched him on the arm, and I winced at the physical contact. She was sweet as sugar, but I wanted nothing more than to rip her arm off.
"Anyway, I better get to wardrobe" She said, nodding at the room across from the one all the contestants were in now.
"You should see the dress" George mock-fainted. I thought I was really going to faint. I quickly sat down beside him.
"Oh shut up you, don't be fooled by his charm!" Ella said, laughing as she walked away from us. What does she mean by that? Surely I'm the one who should be telling her this, as I've known him since birth and shes known him for, oh yeah, a month? I reminded myself to stop. This is stupid. I'm acting like she's my enemy, when she seems like she genuinely wants to be friends. Why did this instinctive hatred of her come over me?
"Well?" George asked, his eyebrows raised.
"Well what?"
"What do you think?"
"Oh, Ella..." I paused. "Don't you think she's a bit... Young for you?"
George started laughing.
"I knew you'd say that!"
"Well, there's always something wrong with the girls around me. They're too fat, too skinny, too pretty, too smart, too old..."
He broke off and laughed again. I blushed. Was I that obvious?
"Aw, don't worry Dee" He put his hand on my shoulder. "It's nice to know someone wants the best for me"
He smiled at me, and headed off to the wardrobe room as his name was called.
Yes, he was right about me being way too picky about his choice of girls. But he was wrong about one thing. I didn't want the best for George. I wanted him to have me.

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