When Alex moves into hey new home, she finds an key on a necklace. she tries every door in her house but none fit correctly; until, one day, she finds a little door in the attic... it is called SECRETS. she researches it on google and finds lots of sides to the door saying, that it is full of dead people who have lived in that house... killed by (find out later)


2. The Little Key

This morning I forgot that I lived here, so I fell out of bed; and a huge spider crawled up my leg! I hate spiders. I ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. OUCH something just fell on my head, it was something metal. It was too dark to see; I stuggled to find the light. Evantually I found it. I picked up the piece of metal and inspected it, it was a key, but not any normal key; it was a heart-shaped key. I imediatly wanted to see which door it fit. I ran out of the bathroom and stuck the key in almost every key-hole; but none fit. There was only the attic left. I climbed up the old ladder. It was full of cobwebs, I grabbed a broom and swirled them away. I could see a door under a circular window, I walke over to it............... it was called........SECRETS 

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