When Alex moves into hey new home, she finds an key on a necklace. she tries every door in her house but none fit correctly; until, one day, she finds a little door in the attic... it is called SECRETS. she researches it on google and finds lots of sides to the door saying, that it is full of dead people who have lived in that house... killed by (find out later)


1. 111 Loney Avenue

I have moved house. To 111 Lonely Ave. I dont like it, its dark and creepy, when I took my first scares step into the house, it creeked, as soon as my foot toched the ground, and a layer of dust sifted itself onto the floor (and my head). It smelt. Of my grandma. I could barely breath, but this was my new home, and I have to live with it. I walked in swiftly through the creepy hallway, I have to admit that it was very petrifying, my mum was unpacking the car. I was alone in the dark, listening to noises that made me jump every ten seconds. I went upstairs and chose a bedroom. it was very dark, I turned on the light... i have one word: WOW, it was amazing it had a chandelier  covered in cobwebs, a king-sized bed, drapes instead of the usual black-out-blinds i had back in London, a beautiful wardrobe that would have filled half my old bedroom, and wooden chest-of-draws that had amazing carved patterns on it, I loved it! I suddenly realized that it was late, I got into my pjyamas and turned of the light replacing it with a dim lamp, finally at two in the morning, I managed to scare myself to sleep. 

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