Poems On My Mind

Well.....this is one big fail; writing a poem everyday. I didn't write this enough so I'm changing it to a group of poems written as unoften (is that a word?) as I like.


3. Three!

Peeping through a cobweb,

Stare three golden eyes,

Brimming with ancient knoledge,

And oh so very wise.


Seeking out assistance,

Longing for someone,

Greedy for protection,

For a deed already done.


Without a wing to shelter in,

Missing a holding hand,

Having to tread cautiously,

Over safe land.


Raised amongst the willows,

Brought up with in the earth,

All deeds done in solitary,

Not straying from this turf.


Rarely keeping company,

Amongst that few of man,

Never venturing to the other side,

Rarely crossing the damn.


Abandoned in the bushes,

Under the sun of gold,

Learning all but to alone,

Having nothing to hold.


The wide eyes tell a story,

A fable that should not be told,

By some one so gentlt,

Only four years old.

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