The Trials

When an insane Prime Minister reads The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, he gets inspiration from them and creates the Trials for every Year 11 student to face. Every year, one is held in every school. 240 go in, and 1 comes out.
200 years later, Tamara Hensworth has a good life. She has good grades, good friends, and her heart set on a cute boy. But as the year begins, her life falls into ruin. The Trials bring destruction, despair, and most importantly, death, meaning Tamara is most likely going to end up dead, along with her friends and her boyfriend.
Tamara needs to fight for survival, but it's hard against people she's known her whole life. But what can she do? Die saving someone else's life or live and be responsible for many other's deaths?
This Movella was shortlisted for Movella of the year 2012 :) thanks to everyone who nominated me or voted for me!
Cover by Zoe Nightshade from World of Covers :)


16. Announcement

“Hey Tamara.” I feel my knees go weak as he says my name. His easy smile melts my heart as I mumble a quiet response. Being around Thomas Nelson makes me feel like I used to. With him, my emotions come back to me and I forget what’s really going on.

“We haven’t really spoken for a while.” He says.

“Well, I guess we’ve had stuff going on.” I say sadly. “What with fighting for our lives, and all.”

“Yeah.” There is a silence. We were in a lot of classes together so we used to talk a lot, but now all of our friendship has been broken.

“I saw you on the first training day, with the knives. You’re amazing!” I blush, and wonder why he noticed. Why would he be looking at me when he has a girlfriend?

“Thank you! I try.” I smile. “I would have thought you would have been an axe person, but you clicked more with the sword.” Although his looking was strange, I had a reason to be looking at him.

“The axe was powerful, but I don’t really have the strength to lug that thing around all day.” We laugh, just like we used to.

“You? Not enough strength? You are one of the strongest guys I know! You got a full 100 on both of your P*E exams!” Now it’s his turn to blush. The average was around 65 for both, and me getting 88 and 83 was a big deal, but him getting 100 was phenomenal.

“Well, I guess its more stamina which is my weak point.” He says afterwards. I give him a look. “I mean, I would tire of holding it all the time.”

“Yeah right.” I laugh. “You’d be just fine.”

“I’d like to see you try and carry an axe all day.”

“But my average P*E score was 85.5, I’d struggle much more than you!”

“So you admit that I’d struggle?”

“Hey, that’s not what I meant, don’t switch my words around!” I almost forget what we’re essentially arguing about: what weapon we like the best so that we can kill each other with it. After all, why would they teach us how to use a weapon if we weren’t going to use it?

An alarm goes off in our halls; piercing my ears and making me wince. We should not have decided to sit and talk underneath the bell. By the sounds of it, another emergency assembly has been called. The one yesterday was bad enough, showing us clips of the people we’ve been mourning having their lives taken away, but I guess this one is going to be even worse. It has to be possible somehow; the school could come up with any kind of torture. It has to be worse. After all, it can only go downhill from here. I say goodbye to Thomas and I run off to the main hall, dreading what I might hear.


We sit in exactly the same places again. We are such creatures of habit. We also sit in silence once again. The assembly yesterday did not have a good effect on us, as actually seeing the deaths mad us even more scared.

Yesterday it wasn’t just Clarissa with the knife; Me, Helena and Carolyn ended up joining in.

Instead of the screen lowering and telling us the information, Roberta comes through the back door and stands in front of us all. I see a flash of pain in her eyes when she notices the gaps in the seating. Was that really there? Am I seeing things?

“Hello Year 11. I am sure yesterday’s footage was quite a shock to you all. I am afraid that seeing the previous week’s deaths will be a weekly occurrence. Every Saturday morning at 9:00 on the dot. Also, today’s assembly will be weekly too. It will not be very long, but it will be a quick session of news and announcements, 5 minutes at the very most. Every Sunday at 12:00 noon, just like today. Now, to business.”

We all cringe. Some sort of dreadful announcement is coming our way.

“As I said before, the execution method will eventually change. I am afraid this time has come earlier than it takes most years. In most cases, it will be 2 or 3 weeks before people begin to rebel and fight back against their death, but you seem to be particularly sure that you want to stay alive at all costs. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing as of yet.”

“You can’t... make me... die Roberta!”

“Are you sure about that Georgina?” Roberta says again.

It was Georgina that made this change. Should I be thankful? Well, I guess I’ll have to see whether the new execution rules are kinder or not. I doubt they will be, after all, it can only go downhill from here.

“Now, we will still only choose one person a day for execution, but 4 people will come with them. The 5 underperformers of the day are taken into that black door,” She points to the one at the back of the room, which we always presumed was a store cupboard “and one of them will be chosen to be executed. To decide this, they may just look at the day, but they may also look at your overall performance, or both if necessary. The main thing you need to know is, however, is that while 5 of you are chosen only one of you will die each day. You always have a chance to survive.”

Well this is an interesting development.

Choosing 5 people a day will be an excellent method of control, by making everyone fearful that it could be them, the 4 people scared senseless – even after the execution has taken place –, and then they also get to brutally murder someone too. This method is quite wise for them, but totally terrifying for us.

“That is all I need to say today. Training will continue as normal tomorrow. We will start learning about using a Wand tomorrow, which is a highly complicated but useful piece of technology and equipment. Have a good day, and I will see you tomorrow.”

We stand up and walk out in silence. I’m not really sure how to react to this change. It does mean that I am more likely to be chosen now, but I may not necessarily be chosen to be executed. And if I am chosen, then I’ll be forced to watch someone die in the flesh, whether it be an acquaintance, a friend, or myself.

Yeah, maybe this isn’t such a good thing.

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