The Trials

When an insane Prime Minister reads The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, he gets inspiration from them and creates the Trials for every Year 11 student to face. Every year, one is held in every school. 240 go in, and 1 comes out.
200 years later, Tamara Hensworth has a good life. She has good grades, good friends, and her heart set on a cute boy. But as the year begins, her life falls into ruin. The Trials bring destruction, despair, and most importantly, death, meaning Tamara is most likely going to end up dead, along with her friends and her boyfriend.
Tamara needs to fight for survival, but it's hard against people she's known her whole life. But what can she do? Die saving someone else's life or live and be responsible for many other's deaths?
This Movella was shortlisted for Movella of the year 2012 :) thanks to everyone who nominated me or voted for me!
Cover by Zoe Nightshade from World of Covers :)


12. Adventure

For some reason wandering around the Compound is the only thing I feel I can do.

In some ways I’m not surprised.


In our Compound we have 3 sectors, each with 6 floors; the Vitallation, the Primary Division and the Nursery. They are connected with staircases and glass doors, but hardly anybody strays out of their zone so they are hardly ever used.

We stay on the fourth floor of the Vitallation sector. All our dorms are on a long corridor at the end, and they are all bunched up together to maximise space. In each dorm room there are 6 beds and a bathroom, and that is all the space we get! There are three ways that you can go from there. The biggest door in the middle leads to our dining hall. From there you can file through to the classrooms on that floor where we have form. Floor four is the English Suite, so we have – ahem, used to have – English there too. Science is on the top floor, where the Year 7’s are, and that is divided into Chemistry for 2 lessons a week, Physics for 2 lessons a week and Human Biology once a week. The fifth floor is Mathematics and also is home to the youngest year in the Vitallation sector: Year 6. The floor below belongs to the Year 10’s and they have Technology. I was never any good at Technology. The floor below that, number 2, has half of the P.E suites and houses Year 9. And lastly, floor 1 has the hall, the P.E suites and the Year 8’s.

The other two ways you could go from the dorms both lead to the medical centres, the other sectors and a green, a blue, a red and a yellow door that we’ve never used. No-one’s ever really questioned those doors, but I have a feeling we’ll find out in the next two sections. If I ever make it that far. There are always rumours buzzing around about them, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

I wander into the Primary Division without thinking. It’s far away from the Vitallation and the Trials, so I guess this is the best place to clear my head.

I come out in the Year 3 zone. Little 8 year olds dash to and fro while shouting loudly as Division 1 play some strange game they’ve invented. I’m not meant to be here. I was not part of Division 1. I’m only allowed to visit the area of my Division, and mine was Division 14. I step through the door to the Division corridor and start to walk the familiar corridor that I used to run down whenever I felt adventurous. Nothing had changed all through these years. Then again, I guess they never have and never will. We’re just another bunch of students they raise to be slaughtered like mindless drones.

I stop when I see the turquoise door with a number 14 written in curly letters. I can’t believe how much I have grown. We used to play games to see if anyone could jump to touch the numbers. They now sit just level with my eyes. I hesitate before I walk in. This was where I spent a year of my childhood. Do I really want to be in there?

Well, it’s better than being with my own, depressed year group.

I slowly push on the door and it opens quicker than I intend it too. My first sight is a group of 7 startled boys. They look at me with insane curiosity, before dragging me inside before I can protest.

“Did you see any boys down the corridor?” A skinny, red-haired boy asks me.

“Um, no. Why?” I reply honestly. I haven’t seen anyone apart from the members of Division 1.

“This is bad.”

“Oh dear.”

“I hope they’re okay...” All come from a crowd of murmurs. A tall, stick-like boy shushes them. He is obviously the leader.

“We sent out a platoon to scope the area, so we can determine if we can infiltrate the Black Door. It’s been 20 minutes and they haven’t come back.” The murmuring begins again. Ah, the Black Door. The Black Door is where the lift to the other floors is. But they don’t know that. While in the Primary Divisions you aren’t allowed in there. Once you reach the Vitallation you learn what their purpose is, and how to access them. All you need to do is to place your finger on the scan and it’ll realise that you aren’t a pesky 8 year old going adventuring. It’s quite boring to me.

But in the Primary Division, it is the stuff of legends and dreams. It is the one place that you will never see and that no one ever knows. All the way from age 5 to 10 it is your one desire to find out what secrets that door contains. I couldn’t count the amount of times we had staged Black Door opening excursions in Division 14.

Now I was older, I knew why the boys had not yet returned. The robots are very good at playing along with the mystery of the Black Door. They probably gave the boys a mild electric shock that briefly puts the brain in a coma like state. 20 or 30 minutes later they are dropped back outside their Division Room with no recollection of anything that had just happened. All they know is that they didn’t get past the Black Door. I think it’s cute.

Then I remembered the horrors that awaited them in 8 years time. They would be forced to kill each other. Perhaps none of them would survive.

I don’t need to think of that right now.

“Wow, I’ve seen this before.” I say, shaking my head. The boys all stop talking and lean in. “Many years ago, when I was in this very Division, it was a situation just like this. Lewis Samson had staged an attack on the Black Door.” They gather in close to hear my story. It begins to flow out as my memories of this place gather back in my brain. No matter how much I try to push them out. In every shot of Abigail Knight, she has the same head: her dead one. I concentrate on the story I’m telling, which has no mention of her. “Justin Chambers, Miles Talbot and Leon Guy were the three fastest and stealthiest people in our Division. They went to scope the area, and they didn’t come back. Lewis went out too, but he didn’t come back either. Ethan Goodman and Daniel Eastwood too. They didn’t come back. There were only the scared boys and the clever boys left. Archie, the smartest, asked me to go. He didn’t think they’d take a girl.” The boys were holding their breath. “And he was right. As soon as I stepped outside I saw the boys on the floor in a heap. I dragged them inside, and all they could remember was running towards the Black Door. And then nothing. Nothing else. I’m sure that will happen to your boys, and they will be returned without being harmed.” They all breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks there girl.” The leader says.

“Tamara Hensworth.” The name brings back all the memories of my current life. I wish I had made another one, so I could pretend I wasn’t me, just for a while.

“Thanks Tamara. We’ll keep lookout for them.” They play salute me, and I can’t help but giggle.

It is getting late. I wave goodbye and stroll out of the door of my old Division. Just outside is a pile of boys, just like how my friends were 8 years ago. I decided to have some fun of my own.

“Hey, you three.” I whisper. They look up at me, drowsy and startled. “I have a plan to scare your Division. Don’t go back there yet. Hide in the Grey Door until just before bedtime. They think that you are fine, which you are, but you guys can pretend that you aren’t.” A look of adventure flashes through their tiny eyes, and they are off before I can say goodbye. I smile, and waltz back down the corridor. It’s nice to forget who you are for a while.

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